Jarigbe Agom Finally Reacts To Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency PDP Primary Election  


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Jarigbe Agom Finally Reacts To Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency PDP Primary Election




The Senator representing Cross River Northern Senatorial District, Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe has reacted to the just concluded Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency By-Election.


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The Primary Election of the PDP to nominate a Candidate for the Ogoja/ Yala Federal Constituency By- Election and the option of reconciliation:

I think it is politically expedient that, I publicly address PDP Party faithfuls,supporters and Aspirants in the just concluded Primary Election.

It is normal that no one likes to lose an election and after an exercise like this, there is bound to be disagreements, disappointments, regrets, name-callings, blaming and counter- blaming. These things happen even in the smallest family unit, the nuclear family. I understand this, I even appreciate it within the context that we are indeed a family.

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There is probably no politician who has enjoyed massive support from everyone in the very recent past, as myself. Every aspirant in this Primary Election was/is my brother, sister, friend and ardent supporter. I appreciate this and I will never take this for granted.

Each one of these aspirants asked for my support and felt entitled to it; I agree that each and every one of them deserved my support. However, the best way I felt I could give that support was to stay as neutral as possible. I have been a victim of manipulated primaries and I felt this was my opportunity to walk the talk, and I did this to the best of my abilities, without succumbing to pressure and sentiments put forward by interested parties.

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I could have moved towards asking this or that aspirant to step down, but that, in my estimation, would have been a glaring testimony that I have taken sides. I wanted this election to be won and lost on the field and we provided a level playing field. Now, that the primary elections have come and gone, we need to come together as one big family.

I have chosen the path of not defending myself from all the allegations of taking sides or saying anything; as tempers cool off, everyone will remember the truth that I stayed as neutral as possible.

Let’s come together because we have a party to build, an election to win this month and all the elections in 2023. Let’s bond together fast, before outsiders who can never love and support us as much as we do among ourselves, deceive us about greener pastures elsewhere that don’t exist.

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We need one another. This is politics, we will always need one another. We cannot push anybody away. The party needs everyone.

I might not have addressed everything in this short message but we will address them nonetheless. Let’s restrain ourselves from fanning the embers of discord with rumours, half truths and outright lies. Let love lead.

I congratulate all the aspirants. I congratulate Hon Mike Usibe. I congratulate the PDP.

Thank you.

– Senator Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe
for Cross River North PDP Leadership.


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