June 12 Nationwide Protest: ‘Red Alarm Will Begin On Friday, People Should Stock Up Food Items From Friday Night’ — Sunday Igboho Blows Hot


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June 12 Nationwide Protest: ‘Red Alarm Will Begin On Friday, People Should Stock Up Food Items From Friday Night’ — Sunday Igboho Blows Hot


Yoruba activists Sunday Igboho Adeyemo has warned that the country would be shut down if any Yoruba person is killed during the June 12 protest.

Reports on Thursday emerged that soldiers and police officers are being deployed to the South–West and South-East regions to prevent the June 12 protests.

“Soldiers have been put on high alert against Biafra and Oduduwa republics’ agitators. The government is wary of another repeat of #EndSARS and has asked the military to frustrate mass movements and protests by taking over the major roads and conducting aimless stop-and-search,” a source revealed.

There are other security reports they are working on, but the bottom line is that the government is working hard to tighten the noose on the social media and other means of communication particularly on the day, June 12.”

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Reacting, Sunday Igboho called for the South-West governors’ support, requesting that they should warn soldiers and police to stay away from protesters.

He made the call while speaking through his media spokesperson, Olayomi Koiki, in a live broadcast on Facebook.

“Let us warn the federal government that if there is bloodshed this weekend, the international community is watching. If the military kills any Nigerian this weekend, it is going to be very hot,” Sunday Igboho said.

“We will shut down the whole system if there is a single blood-shed. June 12 protest will hold and nothing must happen to any Yoruba indigene.

“Nothing must happen in Yorubaland, if anything happens, we will destroy everything. We have information that the Federal Government has deployed the military to the South-West this weekend, if they try anything, there will be trouble.

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“We will ensure the Fulanis leave our land, they have taken over the whole part of the country, they control everything, what we want is self-determination.

“We are not just talking about the Fulani in the bush or those who are killing people, we are talking about those who are controlling the country.

They are tagging us as a secessionist, no, we are not, all we have been clamouring for is self-determination.

“South-West Governors, we appreciate you for having left us alone to carry out our rallies but please warn the military not to roll out armoured tanks this weekend. Nothing can stop the Yoruba Nation because it is a country on its own.

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“The Yoruba Nation rally will go ahead in every part of Yoruba land and the rest of the country where it will hold. Tell all the Yoruba politician to return before it is too late, we won’t allow any election to hold in 2023.

“Red alarm will begin on Friday. People should stock up food items from Friday night. No student from the South-West should go to school on Friday. Parents, please let your children stay back at home.

“We are not backing down this weekend. We are ready to take back what belongs to us. We have tolerated nonsense for too long and now, it must have an end.


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