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Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a prominent Islamic cleric, has vowed to lock Aso Rock if his child is kidnapped by bandits.

The cleric reiterated his position that bandits should be given a ransom to free their hostages in an interview with BBC pidgin on Friday.

The cleric had urged the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Wednesday to pay the abductors N100 million requested by Greenfield University students kidnapped in April.

Gumi commented on the development again, saying that the federal government would choose between saving students’ lives and paying the N100 million.

“You’re going to look at it as life versus content. It is the government’s sole duty to safeguard lives. We now have 17 innocent young children’s lives and N100 million on the line,” he said.

“I have no idea if my child is there. I’m never able to hold my mouth shut. If my child is present, I will go knock on Aso Rock’s door. They are also my children.

“How much is N100 million in Nigerian currency?” So, if you free these children, the field is wide open for you to take whatever action you want. It’s a choice of bandits or N100 million. I don’t want a battle between bandits and people’s lives.

“It’s all common sense. It does not necessitate any advanced knowledge. What kind of game would you play with people’s lives? You can have fun with your money, but you can’t have fun with other people’s lives. They had just gone there to study.”

In recent years, attacks on schools in the northern part of the country have increased, resulting in kidnappings and murders.

Bandits, according to the cleric, are unaffected by abduction because they lack access to quality education.

Gumi said that if bandits have schools, they would not target people.

“One of the things I showed the government was where these bandits who target these people go to school. He claims that if they had schools, they would not be targeting people.

“Where is their school, where they have their children, so that they understand the importance of education and the pain of kidnapping?”

Weetalknaija recall that Gumi had asked the federal government in February for blanket amnesty for the bandits.

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  1. This Gumi is the bandits father, remember this man said last time that not all bandits are criminal, he is a terrorist plus bandits, Nigerians should lock this man with serious torchure. He is the brain behind ll these evil going around with his group in government. There days are number , because there will be not peace to the wicked. He who is negotiators of bandits is bandits . He us not a cleric he is terrorist in white garments. All these group and actions is noted this is enemies of Nigeria who trapped president Buhari. .


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