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Killing 3 Birds with 1 Stone: ASUU versus CONUA, Unilag Sex Scandal and Academic Immorality Narrative Stereotypes

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Killing 3 Birds with 1 Stone: ASUU versus CONUA, Unilag Sex Scandal and Academic Immorality Narrative Stereotypes

Quite a number of folks have been waiting to read my intervention on the ongoing sex scandal in Unilag. Unfortunately, I have been busy. My 24 hours seems to be too small for me to read, meditate, write, teach, counsel, preach, ‘father’ and ‘husband!’ However, I cannot close my eyes to the ongoing debate. It will be sheer irresponsibility on my part. Thus, beyond what the Yoruba would say of killing two birds with one stone, I quickly want to kill three birds with one stone on the nature of academic immorality generally.
Part of the ongoing debate has focused on the role of ASUU in fighting the menace of sex for marks on some of the academic social groups that I belong to. Many believed that ASUU has failed in the regard of being a voice against sex for marks saga. They reasoned as if ASUU is made up of complete saints from the realms of glory always singing Hosanna in the highest. They even suggested how NUC should legislate on Academic recruitments, academic excellence and best practices as if those who are in NUC dropped from the blues, and not from the pools of same ASUU and the Managements of the Nigeria Universities who have equally been promoting academic incestuous traditions and despicable corruptions, particularly, attempting to rid the Universities of true radical voices who have always stood against their hypocrisies and corruptions of bringing in stooges who are merely to sing their praises.
They spoke as people who are not aware that some folks from NUC accreditation teams do request for sexual entertainment and financial inducements to facilitate smooth accreditations of courses! A Prof once told me of such a character on a particular NUC team for accreditation who wanted the Prof to help in arranging sexual entertainment for him for working with the almighty NUC with the power to accredit courses or withhold accreditation. Such a power of the gods to force their will on mere mortal you would say! Of course, he showed me the man, but he did not tell me what eventually happened. Actually, I thought of calling the Prof as I was writing this piece to ask him if a sexual entertainment was eventually arranged for the man, but we have had a serious disagreement on a matter of principle. The Prof is one of those who felt they could use their Professorial authority to ask me to drop my case against the Uniosun cabal who blackmailed and defamed my character to cover the crime of Dr. Temitayo Ayanbisi who manipulated 94 results of the graduating students in Uniosun. I cannot imagine that any reasonable academic would counsel me to stop writing and to stop pursuing justice and the truth in the Uniosun Sex Scandal report on me. I cannot!
And, it is quite unfortunate that those who are demanding the trial of the Unilag lecturers now are not demanding my trial! When I volunteer myself for prosecution, they went deaf and mute with their useless media dogs. Those who should follow up on my case, including all the academic saints who are now pretentiously enraged by the Unilag story, could not come out to the open to demand a probe and prosecution of my case because it did not fit and feed into their stereotype. The stereotype was that I was harassing Ikwue Ejiro Mercy. That was what they wanted. That was what Femi Makinde of the Punch Newspaper told the world. That was what they were celebrating until I hit the internet with the truth. I got Ikwue Ejiro Mercy confession that I did not teach her a single course in her 8years in Uniosun and did not harass her uploaded to the internet [For the confessions of Ikwue Ejiro Mercy, kindly visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZzBb7H848U&t=2001s on YouTube], I got where Profs Alebiosu Christopher, Idowu Akintayo, Bolaji Omitola and Dr. Adeleke Monsuru attempted to blackmail me with a video to negotiate with them and Prof Olukoya Ogen to drop my evidence indicting Dr. Amao Ayanbisi as the culprit in the manipulation of 94 results in Ikire uploaded [For the audio evidence of the negotiation attempt visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zKyU_iKYhw&t=8s] and, of course, I got Hammed Oyegbade’s confession that Femi Makinde confessed to how he was contracted to publish the false story on me published online [visit http://www.nairaland.com/3459567/femi-makinde-punch-newspaper-confessed#50947397 for the evidence], yet nobody was interested in the truth. It unsettled their stereotype and ruptured the lies. The stereotype had been busted! Yet, they decided to play the ostrich, thinking the lie they left out there as the truth would not be challenged and changed.
But, unfortunately for them, “Emi Olowe ii s’ole!” I can write and publish my story. So, I came out with my first dramatic memoir on the Uniosun Sex Scandal entitled, For the Love of Sisyphus: A memoir set to play on Uniosun Blackmail and Defamation of my character by Femi Makinde of Punch. About 1000 copies were distributed free. Uniosun got 10 copies for her library, Council Chairman got a copy, the VC, DVC, and the Registrar got copies, the State House of Assembly got 30 copies, some of the University Staff and students got copies, Femi Makinde got a copy, even Tunde Odesola got e-copy. Of course, all the Professors who were involved in the blackmail and defamation of my character got copies each. There was no attempt to disguise the characters in the play. Their real names were used. But to date, they have all gone deaf and dumb. Even Punch could not publish again. Tunde Odesola checked out of Nigeria. Femi Makinde was withdrawn by Punch from Osogbo. But, there will be no hiding place for evil men. NO!
So, I followed up with the second dramatic memoir in the saga entiled, A Dance of Beasts: Second memoir set to play on Uniosun Blackmail and Defamation of my character by Femi Makinde of Punch. The play is due to hit the market by next week Monday or Tuesday. But, I have uploaded its draft on my Academia and Researchgate pages for free readership. Still, the hypocrites in/among the media, academics, politicians, students and the society who seems to be enraged about the rot in the system with the latest Unilag sex for mark saga have not seen any reason to get me behind bars for what they said I had done. Ki l’Obo fi s’ori, ti Inaki o se? Why is my case treated differently? Why is it that it is difficult for all to demand that I should indeed be prosecuted and send to gaol for this great offence I was said to have committed as they are demanding of these Unilag lecturers? The reason my case is different is simple: it has exposed them as completely satanically terribly immoral. It would definitely convict their Professor and media friends and may send them to gaol! In fact, one useless fellow, a Professor was even bold to tell my wife to plead with me to stop writing anything on the Uniosun Sex Scandal, querying if I would be happy for “ruining the lives of those Professors and the girl!” Of course, he promised my wife I would be restored to Uniosun if I could just stop writing and demanding for justice and truth. I could not be more scandalized by such a warped logic from a Professor!
Those are ASUU. The academics, the lecturers, asking me to seek reconciliation with immorality, with iniquity, just because of economic survival. I say bullshit to survival! I will not seek reconciliation with anybody until and except they first admit their evil of blackmailing and defaming my character to cover the crime of the manipulations of 94 results by Dr. Amao Ayanbisi Temitayo! No way. It is not going to happen. I have dedicated the rest of my life to fight the battle of TRUTH, JUSTICE and TRUE MORALITY in that case! I remember when the executive of ASUU invited me claiming they wanted to mediate in the case. Then they said they wanted to reconcile me to Amao. I was naturally scandalized. I asked them for the basis of reconciling me with Amao? Was it because my grandfather was the owner the results she manipulated? They could not present any logical relationship… They were only afraid of the scandal video. I told them Amao and Olukoya Ogen with Christopher Alebiosu and the Management of the University will always have good opportunities to defend their video when the time comes. They felt I was mad. Of course, I was mad. I was mad with the evil, with the hypocrisy. I knew I have never ever harassed any student for sex either in reality or in a dream world. Harass, haba, when her vagina is not surfaced with honey!
I made up my mind: I would rather go to gaol on the set up (blackmail) with nobody ever knowing the truth than to negotiate with any devil. I cannot just stand up and acknowledge my strength and laurels: I am a man who would equally acknowledge his mistakes and errors. Thus, ASUU lost me. I lost ASUU. But, I am not in any way deceived by the formation of CONUA (Congress of University Academics) as an alternative to ASUU as some are already. I don’t think there is anything to celebrate yet if this CONUA came out of ASUU. It is just as every management Staff was once in ASUU, and just as most academic staff in NUC came out of ASUU, yet asking for sex for entertainment for accreditation! It is from same pool of same ASUU who could not demand justice in my case. Same ASUU who wanted to reconcile me with/to immorality and criminality! I know my story is now becoming a deconstruction to the expected stereotyped narrative of sex scandal. I know it is difficult for fake indignation in and on my case before the media and in the media. However, one thing is sure, by the time my third dramatic memoir [One Blackmail Too Many], films and full length prose memoir are released on the story, there would definitely be intellectual, activism and social rupturing of stereotypical narrativity of morality and immorality in Nigeria.
Lastly, let those who are angered and scandalized with the Unilag Sex for mark video be equally enraged by the Uniosun Sex Scandal blackmail and defamation of my character. As they are demanding for the prosecution of those Unilag lecturers, let them also demand for my prosecution and let us see who goes to gaol in my case! Let the hypocrisy stop!

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