Happy Sunday! Why Did Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him Out As Slave? (Correct Answer Wins)


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Why Did Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him Out As Slave? (Correct Answer Wins)

Hi Guys!!
Happy Sunday to you all.
You all still remember the story of Joseph the Dreamer in the Bible?
Joseph is the last born son of Jacob out of 12 children. One day, his other 11 brothers agreed to sell him to slave traders which they did.

The question is
“Why Did Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him Out As Slave?”

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  1. They sold him cos they are jealous that their dad loves him so much and also after the dream he had but their hatred is also in line with Gods plan to push him out of his fathers house to his destiny……07038437255.Francis..hopebi got the answer

  2. Paramountly jealousy which i will break into the following categories
    1. Jealousy of father’s love
    2. Fear of worshipping or serving him as portray by his dreams
    3. Anger triggered by his coat of many colours

  3. He was sold to fulfill the prophecy that “the children of Israel will be sold into captivity for 400years. The jealousy was an excuse because themselves didn’t know it was the plan of God. Nurse Kent 07033730028

  4. They sold him because they were jealous of their father’s love for Joseph and also because of Joseph dreams.

  5. Because Joseph was their fathers heartly son, and Joseph always dream to become a grate person and when he tells his brothers they will all become jelus of him, so all of,these are the causes that contributed to the selling of Joseph to the slave traders. But the truth is that it was the way God wanted to use in blessing Joseph and take him to his destiny designed for him. So it was the will of GOD.


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