As the coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, so too are rumors and conspiracy theories about the disease, this time in relation to the 5G technology.

They claim 5G is linked with Coronavirus

There has been a whole of messages circulating the whole social media space and even Whatsapp on how the 5G technology is linked to the Coronavirus.

No Official statement that they are both connected

However, there has been a press release from different World agencies on how it has not been yet scientifically proven that the 5G mast electromagnetic wave is connected to viral diseases.

5G is a blessing to the World

With what we enjoyed with 2G,3G, and 4G, then I think this method of bringing 5G to the world is to enhance communication and give the best experience when it comes to Networking.

Some people claim they want to Chip human with the 5G

I watched a clip which explained how human will move without a phone as they plan to insert a chip into the human body and with this everyone will have his or her data saved on the cloud.

This has led to many condemnations as some people believe this is a strategy to reduce the world population, as the technology posed a lot of risk to human’s health.


Well, with my vast knowledge in I.T and what I have noticed ever since the launch of the 5G by Huawei (a China-based Networking & Communication company heavily funded by the Chinese Government), America has been unhappy.

Ever since this happened in 2019, the US has threatened to ban the use of Huawei products in America and they have made every possible move to rubbish the 5G because it was pioneered by a Chinese company because they know they are gonna lose so much respect to China.

I see all these as propaganda by the US because 5G and Coronavirus just don’t connect at all and any educated person that believes this madness is nothing but a disgrace!

So Guys

Do You Also Think The 5G Technology Is Truly A Tools To Reduce The World Population? 

Let’s hear from you all

Drop your comments.


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  1. The 5G technology is an evil hand work of the Chinese (China) government. Its highly connected to the spread of the covid-19 particularly to the advanced world where technology is mature and the 5G radiation reception is easy unlike Africa where technology is zero and its radiation is of no effect. Mind you that covid-19 is man-made by the Chinese in an virology institute in Wuhan in China as we have been reading online. The Chinese people wants to use this to dominate the world economy at the expense of people’s health and welfare. The Chinese people are are not human beings. They must pack out of Nigeria. As far as they don’t have the feelings for human beings but their wealth in economy, they can’t live amongst us Nigerians and on our land.

    I can’t even accept to work with them nor accept to travel to their country for anything.

    They want to bring about that evil mark of the beast 666 through this implantation of a microchip.

    I trust my honourable and respected President Muhammadu Buhari will never sell his conscience for these idiots.

    This is a further continuation push unfinished by president Obama for Africans to accept gay practice and we resisted it. Same will be this. We don’t want. Let us remain where we are. We don’t want that evil gift gimmicks.

  2. I thought Nigeria minister of communication has debunked rumours of welcoming 5G technology into the country?


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