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Listen!! Dear ladies, please stop destroying your internal organs

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I once asked a young lady “What If you get pregnant?” and her reply was 👇👇

“I will Take Postinor-2” she brought it out to prove to me that she had it with her, then she concluded her Statement with “Postinor-2 never fails, except you don’t take it within 72 hours”

While it looked as if she was smart and wise, It was clear to me that many ladies don’t go deeper for knowledge, many solely brought misfortune upon themselves.

If I should advise any single lady YET to give birth, probably my sisters or close female friends, my advise will be.

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Avoid any contraceptives that messes up your body system. And sadly enough, many of the pills you ladies take to prevent pregnancy does that.

Some Make you bleed twice a month, meaning you kind of see your period Twice monthly.
Some Change your Monthly cycle date.

Some makes you bleed for days or even weeks, as the case may be.
Some changes your hormones that your breast start dropping milk.

Why are you destroying your internal organs and messing up your hormones simply because of ignorance caused by few minutes pleasure? You are not smart taking pills, you are just naive of it long time effect.

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You simply don’t know Risks you will have to pass through as you grow older.

You are not a baby for having sex, I don’t expect you to tell me another adult like you made you do things that endangered your life. You are an adult for Christ sake.

Protect yourself if you must have sex. Not just from pregnancy but from STDs. You will solely carry the pregnancy or abortion, nobody will help you go through those pains.
Avoid Contraceptives that messes up your system, it might save you now but can destroy you later. Be Wise


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