MAD OH 😭 ! ! ! United States of America Drops Bombshell After Abba Kyari Was Declared Wanted & Arrested By Police  


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MAD OH  😭 ! ! ! United States of America Drops Bombshell After Abba Kyari Was Declared Wanted & Arrested By Police



According to Sahara Reporters, a report released by the department of justice of the United States revealed that it is only the Nigerian government that can provide answers on why suspended police officer, Abba Kyari is yet to be moved or repatriated to the United States for investigation.


The statement was made by the United States Department of justice barely 24 hours after Abba Kyari was declared wanted by the NDLEA and arrested by the police. Kyari is said to have been arrested alongside many other police officers who are currently under close monitoring at the NDLEA office.

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Also, details of the report made by Sahara Reporters revealed that Kyari is currently under suspension after being indicted in a fraud activity involving a controversial internet scammer, Raymond Hushpuppi.

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Sahara Reporters claimed that the head of the department of justice, Nicole Oxman, responded to a message sent to the agency by Peoples Gazette. The US department of justice revealed that it does not have the approval to speak on extradition cases and such questions should be directed to the country involved.


Nigerians who don’ t seem to understand why Kyari hasn’ t been extradited to the USA for investigation, rushed to the comment poll to speak their mind.


Lagu ” Why would the US clean up our mess? If not that our justice system is corrupt and the untouchables are everywhere, I see no reason why we should extradite him to the US. He would’ ve face faced judgment here and been punished appropriately. It’ s just that every one of our systems is Jaga Jaga. Imagine probes upon probes to determine a clear case of established guilt. He would’ ve gone free but God is trying to punish him for his crimes. ”

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James ” This is a race between fate and connections. This is a lesson for all, your connection can’ t protect you for life rather your good deeds shall pave ways where there seems to be no way. The blood of the innocent has exposed Abba Kyari. ”


Sunday ” Am sure the FBI didn’ t make such comments. Extradition involves a court process. So the question is have they formally requested he is extradited. Whenever they do the accuser can voluntarily surrender himself to be extradited but in most cases, they will refuse so it’ s now left for the court to determine if the request is Legit. ”

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Olaide ” For someone who was used to getting people locked up for over twenty years, waking up on the other side of the cell must be a sobering experience for Abba Kyari this morning. Now he knows how those detainees feel when being allowed to use the restroom is made to look like a privilege. He was given everything and he threw it away because of his greed. “


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