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A cult initiation in Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State, on December, 27th, 2018, find yourself bitter as a result of it led to the dying of a model new convert, named, Miracle.

The Council Headquarters residents in Sankwala, awoke early hours of December, 28th to a gory picture of Miracle, an area of Bayanung, Basang Clan, who had died in the course of his initiation rites of the fraternity.

He died due to excessive cuts to his physique and head.

Four people have already been arrested by Obanliku Divisional Police Headquarters, Sankwala, and transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters, at Diamond Hills, Calabar, that included an Evangelist, whose nephew was involved inside the initiation rituals and unknown to him, the boy bought right here spherical and handed the evening time in his uncle’s dwelling, only for the Evangelist to know what transpired the evening time sooner than.

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Efforts by Community leaders and elder brother of the Evangelist, to exonerate his youthful brother from his son’s atrocities, proved abortive. Hence, the Police and the Military personnel which have gone to arrest the said cultist from his uncle’s dwelling had escaped.

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