Massive Health Employment, W.H.O Lauds Ayade achievement of universal health coverage in PHC.


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The world health organization Human Resource specialist has commended the Governor of Cross River State Sen. Ben Ayade for his unprecedented push towards the achievement of Universal Health Coverage by the employment of 1000 health workers. WHO with support from global affairs Canada has supported Cross River State in building capacity of its human resource for health over the years.

The paucity of health workers in Cross River state necessitated Governor Ben Ayade to graciously Approve the employment of 1000 health workers to improve health services in the state across all PHC facilities. This man power is mostly required in rural areas where facilities are either shut down or have one or two staff that can not effectively offer health services to the people. The employment will boast health care services and help Cross River achieve Universal health coverage.

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The final stage which is the interview began in Calabar on Tuesday for applicants who live in calabar and its environs. The exercise was smooth and successful as about 300 candidates all indigenes of CRS were successfully interviewed.

Screening process requires that candidates produce their original certificate and license to practice as well as Certificate of Origin. candidates who have been screened thus far have produced same. Unfortunately some shortlisted persons came with neither their certificates or license to practice. Such persons have been asked to bring same on mop up day.

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As the train moves from calabar to Ikom to provide opportunity for those who live in Ikom and its environs to participate, it is pertinent to remind all that this is a process based on merit and not nepotism. Health issues are about human lives and not tribe. Everyone who passed was shortlisted and if the have their certificates the will be interviewed. every local Government will have minimum 40 persons all indigenous… larger local government with greater deficits of man power will get more. Like Odukpani etc …We must not put subjective interest over public interest. Let’s do what is right and abandon sentiments. Millions of lives are at stake here and you don’t want to have health workers kill our relatives everyday in the PHCs.

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Furthermore, Anyone who gives anybody a dime does so at their own detriment. The DG has announced this several times and if such persons are caught, we will ensure the law gets hold of them. And if The Agency know such candidates the get disqualified. People should be wise. Any employment process thieves go around trying to make money from gullible people. If you are foolish enough to fall prey after all the warnings, it’s rather pathetic.

The committee which has members from Head of service, several line MDAs and commission have commended the transparency of the process while the World Health Organization has commended the Governor for his unprecedented strides to help CRS achieve Universal Health Coverage and improve Human Resource for health.


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