Mr Yemi Akinbode’ defection from SDP to APC: A Rejoinder

Mr Yemi Akinbode’ defection from SDP to APC: A Rejoinder

The attention of the Forum of Chairmen of SDP has been drawn to a news story on the defection of Mr Yemi Akinbode to the APC.

We have no issues with his defection as every citizen of Nigeria has a constitutional right of freedom of association and a choice of a Political Party.

However, the Forum feels concerned with the attribution of the position of National Publicity Secretary of SDP. The representation is false and calculated to project the SDP as one which is being deserted by her key officers. The Forum considers Akinbode’s action as a deliberate act of impersonation.

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To keep the record straight, Akinbode was at no time the National Publicity Secretary of the SDP. He was a mere employee at the National Secretariat of the SDP in Abuja as a Director of Publicity in the office of the National Publicity Secretary.

Against the backdrop of a deliberate false representation by Mr. Akinbode, the Forum of Chairmen of the SDP calls for his immediate arrest and prosecution.

The Party expected that as an employee he should quietly resign his job and join whichever Party he wishes to belong without dragging the name of the SDP into it.

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