Mrs Fasoranti’s Killing: A big slap on the Yoruba race, a provocation for war, no more talks, but actions — Oduduwa Republic


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If we don’t want to go to war with FULANI, it is better we break away from the contraption called NIGERIA and have ODUDUWA Republic, this marriage is causing more pains than love.

This is the right time for Yoruba to raise army of hostile defence and attack, the killing of the daughter of Afenifere leader by suspected herdsmen is a big slap on the Yoruba race. No more talks, BUT ACTIONS.

Aare GANI ADAMS, diplomacy can’t work any longer.

A well calculated attempt to provoke civil war
As far back as 2005, Ladi Thompson had given a clear picture of the future monster which is a reality today
Dr Elishama Ideh started shouting at the top of her voice since 2009 but Nigerians went on doing their daily business without taking her serious
Pst Bosun warned but we told him to shut up with our blinded mind analysis

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Many Prophets – Bishop David Oyedepo, Apostle Wole Oladiyun, Dr Paul Eneche and many more had been crying about this internal war for years but Nigerians prefer partying and running abroad to enjoy what others worked for than fixing their own home.
When Chief Obasanjo told the world that war is coming, many ignorant people who don’t have idea of intelligent report at his disposal started to insult him, the killing of the daughter of Afenifere leader today is a calculated provocation to trigger the civil war. We must rise in UNITY NOW.

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Now the reality is here facing us.
A people without history has no future
Let all the traditional rulers take action now before its too late
Waiting for our Governors is just waste of time.

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God Bless Nigeria



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