My husband impregnated my mother who came to take care of our ‘ill son’ — Nigerian lady cries


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Beatrice is in a state of quandary,if she could turn back the hands of time, to avert what she’s going through right now,she would.
This native of Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State,and married to Festus,a 42 year old farmer and carpenter from Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of the same state.
While Festus was jumping into sack with every woman,he inserminated (impregnated) another woman. What makes his sin deplorably abominable? The woman he laid with is his mother-in-law! Presently,his family is in disarray of this despicable act.

Beatrice, blessed with a son, lives in ogoni where she manages a petty businesss while her husband runs a carpentry workshop and a farm.
“I’m perturbed, I’ve lost it,I don’t know how to react to this despicable act”. Beatrice told her new friend as she wipes her years. “I got married to my husband twelve years ago.We have a son together, and my mother comes visiting most of the time”.

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“On this particular visit,I invited her over to come help with some herbs for my sick son; we’ve done every necessary tests on him,yet nothing was seen to be wrong with him”.
“There was a time my husband came to the shop to get some soup ingredients and i asked how they were fairing,he told me my mum is the best woman in the world and we laughed it off”.
“I invited her over to help take care of my son because of his incessant illness because she knows a lot about local herbs,he’s taken a lot of drugs yet no improvement”.

With tears in her eyes, Beatrice said, It would have been better to get a second wife or even a girlfriend to satisfy himself in her absence rather than going into a love affair with her mother.

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Beatrice mother was summoned and she said ;”After seeing an erotic movie together one night,he pleaded with me for sex just for that night and I gave in,but it became an habit”.
“No one would have known our secret if I wasn’t pregnant,I never thought about pregnancy, considering my age. I confessed to my daughter when she confronted me so that we can find a quick solution and with anger,she said it out to the world. I honestly regret my actions.I intend to get rid of it and my daughter agreed to help look for an expertise doctor. I’ve begged for her forgiveness and God’s”.

When Festus was confronted,he was angry at his wife for spilling the milk. He claimed that his mother-in-law seduced him by always wearing seductive clothes whenever they’re together.
“She’s always dressed half-naked before me; at first, it was disconcerting to me”. “I later found out that it was an open invitation,so I fell into temptation.We have been doing it for so long without making my wife suspicious until it resulted into pregnancy”.

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Festus who blamed his mother-in-law for the whole impropriety,also said that he never thought of the risk of pregnancy when he was jumping into the sack with her. He conceded that he has deeply erred God and his wife for extending his promiscuity to sleeping with his mother-in-law and also putting her in the family way.He also said that the pregnancy won’t be kept and he’d plead with his mother-in-law to terminate it.
“I regret what happened. It is not in my character and the shame and pain this act caused i and my family is unbearable”.


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