My Husband Stole My Period Underwear for Money Ritual – Wife Cries Out


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My Husband Stole My Period Underwear for Money Ritual – Wife Cries Out


After a woman charged that her husband tried to use her for a money ritual, a court ended a marriage of 15 years.


The dissolution of the marriage took place on Thursday in Ibadan at the Mapo Customary Court.

Fatima Akinpelu, the businesswoman, had accused her husband, Azeez, of being a fetish and attempting to use her for a money ritual.

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Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of the court, delivering the judgment, held that there was no need for Akinpelu and Azeez to continue living together as a couple because they could hurt each other. Consequently, Odunade awarded custody of the 14-year-old Akinpelu child and directed Azeez to pay a monthly feeding allowance of N5,000.

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The arbitrator also directed the respondent to give the child’s education and other basic needs sufficient consideration.

“Akinpelu told the court earlier in her account that she brought the suit because she was afraid of her husband, “My husband is a fetish. In a bucket, I soaked my period underwear and it vanished. The only person to have access to the bucket was Azeez.

He told me, my lord, that he had thrown my underwear into the bush. My investigation, however, found that he washed the blood-stained region away and threw the underwear out. He is an irresponsible man, too, who doesn’t care about his kid.

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Azeez agreed with the suit, but dismissed the charges against him.

“Azeez, the dealer of spare parts, said: “I am a man of God. Using Fatima for some ceremony, I have nothing to gain. “Apart from that, she is wayward and can’t be trusted,” he said.

“I was disgusted when I saw the underwear she was soaking, and I threw the material into the bush opposite our house because I wanted to use the bucket,” he said.


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