Often times has Ladies in all different walks of life, especially Ghanaian ladies think that Marriage is an easy journey where you can just venture into and start living life. They think that Marriage is all about Roses, but they never knew that the journey of Marriage is never easy. If you don’t have what it takes to stay in a relationship, you won’t have what it takes to keep a home and Marriage.

Marriage is the only institute that as a couple, you are issued your certificate before ever you enter. What this means is that ones you are issued your certificate, you’re no longer going to Graduate ever. It is then for better for Worst . Yes, you will weather the storm and face the challenges that will come at the long run of the Marriage.

Any woman who has failed to keep a family, has failed to keep a home and she has totally failed as a woman. As a woman, marriage is not all about a tall handsome man that will marry you and be your husband. Getting married to a tall handsome rich man is good, but are you aware that it doesn’t end there. What if the man you called your husband didn’t love you so dearly, what will you do then?

Now here is my sad Story that I would love our young girls to learn from. Please stay tuned as I narrate my sad Story to you my readers.

My name is Isabella and I am a married woman who is age 21. I live here in Accra Ghana with my Husband. Although we have not had kids of our own and we are not in a hurry to do so, but we are hoping and trusting GOD to bless us with our own children.

Before I got married to my husband, it was never my Intention to do so. Irrespective of the fact that he is wealthy and handsome, I never wanted to get married to him because he is too old for me. My husband is 45 years and only 21 years old. You can imagine the wide gap between our age difference. And I virtually obey him and do all he wish because he is my senior.

I never wished to marry him at my age, but my parents forced me to marry him. My father threatened not to train me in University Education is I don’t marry him. He said that he will continue from where he stopped. My father made it clear to me that it will be very difficult for me to find another suitor that will be rich like him. My mother in the other hand persuaded me to marry him and be rest assured that I will have luxury and live a comfortable life.

After we got married, my husband started displaying some attitudes that he never showed to me. He started staying out at night and each time he comes back home, he will stay for hours in the Bathroom. I tried to caution him over this, but he will always tell me that it is all about business. That his staying out late is based on Business.

I made out time to narrate this whole problem to my friend Isabella, my childhood friend, in how my husband always comes back late and how he will take long in the bathroom, she advised on something. She told me that I should barge in on him while he will be inside the bathroom and find out what he is always doing there. I first declined because he might get made at me, but on a second thought I agreed to do that.

At home around 11 pm, my husband came back late as usual and after having his dinner, he set out to the bathroom as usual. He stayed there close to 45 minutes. Then I summoned courage to do as my friend told me to, as this could be the only avenue for me to find out what keeps him that far. I tiptoed and forcefully pushed the of the bathroom, and on seeing me, my husband tried to shutdown his laptop, then I was fast enough to collect the laptop from him. Then I saw the Chats he was having with some people on his Laptop.

I asked him what he is doing with such chats as I saw where he was demanding, he was giving suspicious answers. Then I discovered that my husband is into internet FRAUD called Yahoo Boys. He begged me severally not to tell anyone. As this will ruin his image and personality.

I have been battling within my spirit not to tell anyone. I don’t know if I should tell my parents about this, or his own parents, my pastor or should I report him to the Police. Please what should I do in this situation, Because even Christianity and Islam as a Religion, preaches against any form of FRAUD?

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