My Married Ex Keeps Disturbing Me For Sex — Nigerian Man Cries Out, Seeks For Advice

Nigerian Man Cries Bitterly

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My Married Ex Keeps Disturbing Me For Sex — Nigerian Man Cries Out, Seeks For Advice

I didn’t want to share this but I was motivated by someone who created a thread on how his ex has been calling him.

It’s a long thread but please read to the end.

I dated this girl when I was kind of younger around 19-20 years while we were still dating she travelled out of Nigeria (to Libya) without informing me, infact without informing any of her family members according to what I found out. After like Three years I, got her message on Facebook requesting for my number (I was in the University then) I gave her the number and we started chatting.

She pleaded that I should forgive her that she still loved me and all. We got along real good because she really changed, more matured and fresh. The girl I was dating in school then got to know and we had issues. The girl picked her number and called her to leave me alone but instead of living me alone she blasted the girl and even involved one of her friends then they insulted the girl and told her that she met me first and the girl should leave me alone.
She was working and was always sending me money then and promised to come home soon.

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She also confessed to me that she had a baby for one guy there but they were not married.
To cut it short she came to Nigeria around 2018 and brought many things for me and we continue our bleeping spree. (I got an STD through her then). Then I had to go for service (NYSC) in 2019 we were apart again, unfortunately while I was serving I got to know from her close friend that that she was cheating (the friend wanted me too) Infact I was told that she was constantly sleeping in the guy’s house.

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I told her on phone that I knew about how she was cheating, she begged and ask me to forgive her (that was 2019).

Fast forward after service I stayed back in Abuja because I got a job. To cut it short I got to know that she was pregnant for another guy in Nigeria, she hid it for me, she wouldn’t send me her full pictures but she later told me when it was obvious she couldn’t hide it no more, infact the guy wanted to marry her, she told me she wasn’t going to marry the guy that the pregnancy was just a mistake, I personally convinced her to stay with the guy since she told me herself that the guy liked her so much and was taking care of her and her first baby.
Then this girl said she would stay with him on the condition that I would still be dating her. I was shocked and surprised I refused and told her that I will never be involved in such an illicit affair.

While this girl was heavily pregnant she was sending nude pictures and was constantly begging me that we should continue having sex, it continued till early 2021 even after the guy engaged her, I refused I blocked her on Facebook where she was sending the nudes to, she started sending it to my WhatsApp and I blocked her there too.

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Now she has given birth and I am presently In the state where she resides with her husband, (that’s where I am from too) I don’t know how she found out that I am around and she has been calling me still begging for sex.

I wanted to report her to her brother and sister who were aware of our relationship back then but a friend asked me not to report her, infact some of them are telling me to give her what she wants (the bad guys that I have) Lol
I have warned her to desist from making such request but she is still requesting to just see my face, as at 2 days ago she was still begging to see me, I told her I was going back to my base yesterday maybe that’s why she hasn’t called me yet.

I am a young man of 28 years and one of the vow I have vowed is never to sleep with another man’s wife except I am not aware that she is married.

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I can snatch careless men girlfriends but not to sleep with another man’s wife or fiancee.

I fear karma.

I am sharing this to tell men to be very careful with the kind of women they call wife.
Her attitude makes me have phobia for marriage I swear.

A married young lady with a loving husband still begging an ex for sex is too bad and I feel sad for her husband who might be beating his chest that his wife will never cheat on him.


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