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My Wife Urinates On Our Matrimonial Bed Every Day — Nigerian Man Cries Out

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My Wife Urinates On Our Matrimonial Bed Every Day — Nigerian Man Cries Out


My wife tricked me into marriage knowing completely well that she reveals her bed-wet-angry man, seeks divorced

Mr. Deji of Ibadan, a Nigerian man, disclosed that his wife, whom he had just married, urinates on their marriage bed every day. He is reportedly upset and wants to call off the marriage, saying that it’s a taboo from which he comes.

See below for his post:

As for my marriage, which is just barely three months old, I am desperately worried. I am married to this girl from Benin, Adesuwa. We refrained from sleeping together until after she was married. I suppose that’s why I never knew that she had a bad habit.

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Every day, my wife urinates in bed. In fact, I think she knew this horrible habit was unpleasant, so she preached abstinence all the time.

At the age of 29, my wife fooled me into knowing she was already urinating on the bed.

I come from the part of Ibadan to cohabit with anyone who wets the bed, from its tabu. I protested to my father that it was an ancient taboo made out of ignorance and that wetting the bed was simply a medical problem that could be cured. He says that if she is good at other things, he sees nothing wrong with it.

My mother and my father are on the same page, as well as some of the few people I have trusted.

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My wife is actually the happiest nurse I’ve ever come across in my life. She was very happy and intelligent.

In my city, a bed-wetting adult brings bad luck to everyone around them.

Since I married her, all of my clients have unexpectedly become debtors.

I have been parking out of my house and taking shelter in my best friends’ house since I found it.

My best friend’s wife is mad at me now and has called me out. She sent me a resignation notice to go and reconnect with my mom. She had only given me two days to leave their home.

Before I returned from where I went to take shelter this week, I told her to leave my home.

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Now, I am puzzled at the moment, because I left my Yoruba girlfriend to marry her.

Please, at what stage should I divorce her as a friend said it was too early and a divorce will not be granted by the courts?

What am I going to do? Do they have a cure for her condition?

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