Youth Council Frown Against Attack On Betta Edu


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In the past days, the social media space has been awash with constant attacks on the Cross River State Commissioner for Health, Dr Betta Edu.

Reacting, the Chairman of National Youth Council of Nigeria, Cross River State Chapter, Comrade Daniel Obo has frown against the attack, adding that, any further attacks would be resisted.

Read press released below;

The Attention of the Leadership of National Youth Council of Nigeria, Cross River State Chapter, has been drawn to the apparent media tug of war between the leadership of Nigeria Medical Association, Cross River State Chapter and the State Ministry of Health.

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Arising from the conundrum and media fiasco orchestrated by the fight against the monstrous COVID-19 Pandemic in the State, it has become expressly imperative and sacrosanct that the leadership of National Youth Council of Nigeria, correct some ominous impressions and deleterious misrepresentations being peddled on cyberspace against one of our own, Her Youthfulness, Dr. Betta Edu, Honourable Commissioner for Health, Cross River State. While we understand the excruciating pain and agony the world have continued to suffer in the face of this COVID-19 Pandemic, we deem it fit to categorically state the following.

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He said:-

“We understand, it is commonsensical and democratically upright for every progressive and right thinking citizen of Cross River State to be worried about the issue of COVID-19 in the state. While it is also ideal to engage the government squarely and constructively criticize it’s anti-people policies or political antics, we find it rather appalling that some individuals have resorted to name calling and verbal abuse rather than engage the government squarely”.

“It is disheartening, infantile, puerile, insensitive and totally unbecoming for anybody to insult Dr. Betta Edu on grounds of TRIBE and AGE. While we understand that she is proudly married to a Cross Riverian, and one of her parent is a cross Riverians; as such she is a Cross Riverians by blood. We also make bold to state that any attempt to disparage, intimidate, victimize or witch hunt her on grounds of her AGE, must be vehemently opposed by the leadership of National Youth Council of Nigeria.

The statement reads further:-

“While it is commendable to question and criticize some of the state Ministry of Health Modus operandi in the fight against this COVID-19, we urge everyone to do so within the ambit of rationality, sensibility and regards to the personality of the Honourable Commissioner.

“On the allegation of her being incompetent due to her AGE, we make bold to state that such impression and allegation is not just laughable and ridiculous, it is also an affront and a total hurling of insult on the sensibility of some hardworking and ebullient Youths of Cross River State.

It is worthy of note to state that, Dr. Betta Edu showed capacity and stellar performance as Director-General of Cross River State Primary Health Care, which earned her international and national recognition and awards, hence it is laughable for anyone to label her incompetent because she is YOUNG.

“While we understand that the fight against COVID-19 is not only multifaceted but Hydra-headed, we appreciate the fact that the State Ministry of Health needs to do more in keeping the State Safe from COVID-

“On this premise, we urge all and sundry to rally round the Honourable Commissioner in her audacious quest of fighting and conquering the monstrous COVID-19, bearing in mind that no State or Country can win the war against COVID-19 if there is no unity of purpose and mission.


It is our belief that Cross River State will Win this War against COVID-19 but until then, we the Youths of Cross River State condemn any act aimed at disparaging and despising Dr. Betta Edu, on grounds of her AGE. Kindly Criticize the Modus operandi not her Personality.

God Bless Cross River State.

Build the Youths!
Build the Nation!

His Youthfulness,
Comr. Dan Obo Jnr.
(State Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria).


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