Let’s Talk: Corruption, Religion Or Politicians – Which Do You Think Is Nigeria Greatest Challenge?


Massive Recruitment at the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)

Posted by Kolade Stephen

Corruption, excess religion and our politician has eaten deep into every fabric of the Nigerian society.

These issues are cancer that has paralyze every sector of the nation’s beauty, citizens and economy, its manifestation, visibility and consequences are noted in the failure, non- performance and non-workability of Nigeria as a whole.


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This is a major issue our leader has been fighting for more than 3 decades, corruption is everywhere in the country from our leaders down to the least workers in the country.
Nigeria was estimated to have lost over $400 billion to corruption since independence.

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The most painful part is how corrupt our police who are meant to keep us safe, they have destroys the legitimacy of the nation. But they are not the only one to blame, what about our politicians?


Nigeria politician are one of the major problems we have in this country, they make sure there is a very big divide between the rich and the poor.
Because of this, there is space in politics for richer people to manipulate results and candidates.

Efforts have been made by the government to minimize corruption through the enactment of laws and the enforcement of integrity systems but with little success. Truth be told, politicians are not the only problem of Nigeria, what about Religion?

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The negative effects of religion on our society are tremendous (although often unrecognized).

Nigerians will practice religion and make you think religion does more harm than good, so many false pastors and Alfas all over the country using the fear of religion in our people to extort them.
Our religious leaders are billionaires while members suffer, this is one of the greatest challenges in the country.

Corruption, Religion Or Politicians – Which Do You Think Is Nigeria Greatest Challenge?

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