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See the color of your Urine and what it says about your health

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If your urine color is Bright yellow

Are you taking certain supplements or vitamins every morning? There is every possibility that your urine will be bright yellow because of the riboflavin which is known as vitamin B2 that’s common in most multivitamins but you also need to pay attention to your urine color if it’s neon-like and not bright yellow which is an indication that you’re consuming more of such vitamins than your body requires.



If your urine color is always Pale yellow, you are doing really fine. Your pee is normal!

If your urine is pale-like yellow there’s no cause to be disturbed, it only means you’re well hydrated and to keep it ging good you’d need to drink a little more water as you go about your daily activities. Hence, anytime you observe that your urine is a dark-like yellow, then you’re dehydrated.



If your urine color is Red or pink

If you are having this urine color it’s a little more than a normal health issue as it is mostly related to hematuria; an internal bleeding. It is always an early warning signal to treat kidney stone or urinary tract infection before it gets to became an urinary tract cancer.

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It’s important you also take note of certain food chain you have been consuming before seeing the urine color. It could be because of the stain of the food (like berries or beets root etc) that you urine color changed and if that is considered and it’s not so, urgent attention should be given to it.



If your urine color is Orange

This is mostly related to certain medication you’ve been taking lately. Drugs like Rifampin used in treating tuberculosis or rhenazopyridine which is one the drugs used to relieve symptoms of urinary pain and discomfort and it contains an element that could change the color of your urine to orange. Apart from pills, fruits also can make your urine color change like drinking alot of orange or eating carrots.



If your urine color is Blue or Green

This is somewhat unusual and most likely be related to either you eating alot of asparagus which can make your urine light green or you’ve certain bacteria that causes UTI and it’s called Pseudomonas. If it’s in this case there is possiblity that urine color will be blue-like green.

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If your urine color is cloudy or Foamy

This is caused by regular eating of a very high protein diet which accordingly would supply protein into the urine and thereby making it foamy. If you have kidney disease or certain infection, your urine can be foamy or milky. Foods like steaks and consistent consumption of it can easily react to foamy urine.



If your urine color is Brown

There are certain factors that can cause this. You can experience brown-like pee from the blood and that’s when a clot is formed in the urinary tract and it turns the urine into a very brown color if it’s not passed out of the body. Also there is rhabdomyolysis which is the release of protein that’s toxic to the kidney into the bloodstream, this mostly shows a side effect of extreme trauma or workout that can make your urine brown. If you have a liver disease, your urine can be brown. It’s advisable you seek medical attention asap.

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If your urine color looks like water or pretty clear

You have done yourself alot of good and you should be commended. Though it shows you’re taking too much water and if urinating isn’t something you don’t mind doing wherever the need comes, you can continue taking the water as it helps in washing the kidney stones and keeping your body hydrated.


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