Nigerian Insecurity: Senator Gershom Bassey Provides FG With A Durable Solution


Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) Senate Committee Chairman Senator Gershom Bassey has urged the federal government to ensure the installation of technical devices such as close-circuit cameras in strategic public places if it wants to curb the challenges of insecurity, including the nation’s kidnapping.


The ranking Senator representing the senatorial district of Cross River South in the National Assembly told reporters on the weekend that the government should continue to acquire

“In Nigerian states, where technology has been introduced, kidnapping has been virtually eliminated, as in my state, Cross River, as well as other crimes,” added the technical tools to minimize kidnapping.

According to him, as far as Boko Haram insurgency, armed banditry, abduction and outright community invasions by gangs of criminals masquerading as herders are concerned, the human factor model of police or protecting communities has become obsolete and ineffective as witnessed in Nigeria.


He argued that while the police, as presently developed in Nigeria, is massively underfunded and incapacitated to the population of Nigerians in terms of insignificant number of personnel, but if the requisite technological devices such as functional close-circuit cameras in strategic areas are placed in helicopters for the hounding of criminals in the jungles or forests and tracking mechanisms

In addition, Gershom supported his point by saying “you don’t see or hear about kidnapping in many countries, why?” It’s due to technology. Kidnapping becomes incredibly complicated if you have the software.

However, while supporting the call for the establishment of the State Police with Nigeria as a federation, he said that urgent actions urgently needed include putting in place the requisite government technology at all levels and in particular the federal government, carrying out massive recruitment into the federal police whose personnel, both officers and men, are now less than 400, 000 to a population

As another urgent move needed to be taken by the federal government, the Senator also described adequate funding for the Nigerian Police Force and other security outfits to succeed in their attempt to tackle insecurity in the country.

He said: “Whether we have state, federal or local police, there is no doubt that they must be properly funded.” Nigeria is under-policed. When it comes to the ratio of police to citizens, we are far below the international standard. We have to hire more officers. Second, we need to support our security forces, not just our police. The emergency must involve support, as the federal government is doing for COVID-19, as some of my colleagues said on the floor of the Senate that we need to have a security emergency. But Nigerians are having problems in the meantime, so let’s fix the issue now. If we have a security emergency today, then we can allocate funds quickly, hire workers and acquire the requisite technology within a few months.’


Gershom added that the social intervention initiative is a good idea as a way of addressing insecurity through youth empowerment, but needs to be well implemented.

He said the government should come out clean with its implementation through the 36 states of the federation and Abuja, even as it supports the intervention programme.

According to him, those responsible for implementing the project should move quickly to disburse funds to individuals so that they can feel the effects.


Nigerian Insecurity: Senator Gershom Bassey Provides FG With A Durable Solution

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