NMA C/River Chapter Should Rather Think Of Possible COVID-19 Remedies And Reduce Their Daily Press Release


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As we know, the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) is a body conceived in no spirit of racial exclusiveness, fostering no ethnic antagonism, but born out of the need to serve humanity, the National Medical Association has for its objective the banding together for mutual cooperation and helpfulness, the men and women legally and honorably engaged in the practice of the cognate professions of medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy and Dentistry. Is NMA Cross River State Chapter actually deviating from their aims and objectives?

The present leadership of the State’s branch of the NMA has made it so obvious to cross riverians that they have underlying bitterness and outright hatred for the Sen Prof Ben Ayade’s led administration and anything it does or could their younger colleague Dr Betta Edu heading the State ministry of health be the cause of the new trade in act?. Before now we had a focused NMA working to save lives, with little or no press release, little or no strike and lots of public confidence. now the State NMA seeks for the slightest reasons to strike and throw blames around. before COVID-19 pandemic they was maternal mortality killing thousands daily, Malaria, Typhoid, HIV, Cholera, Cancer, Malnutrition, etc. What has therefore changed? They have continuously deviated from their responsibilities and are bent on thwarting the effort of the government towards the Health Sector. Rather than support, partner and synergize with the government, they’ve decided to flex their muscles and show case their powers but to what effect?

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In recent times, it has been war between the NMA and the Health Sector even before the outbreak of COVID-19 which gave them a safe landing to hide under and exhibit their anger by indulging in a day to day Press Release. Is the Cross River State NMA being sponsored by some enemies of the State Or must State NMA influence everyone at the helm of affairs to do their biddings or is it that their expectations and plans were cut short by Sen Ben Ayade’s appointments? May be they are not as busy as their colleagues in other States who are battling with the overwhelming COVID-19 case and have little or no time to write long episodes daily!!

As a State, we should rather be happy, proud and comfortable with the fact that we have a Medical Association that always synergize with the government to protect their citizens and add value to the health sector. But reverse has become the case as what we see, hear, and read everyday is attack/criticism from Cross River State NMA on the government and the health sector with unnecessary complain on what should have been done and should not have been done with no single support nor action from them as a Medical Association. First they said that nose mask doesn’t give any protection, and Cross River State Government should not mislead its population, now the world has adopted the “NO MASK NO MOVEMENT” as noble professionals they have not gone out to apologize to the public for misleading them. The next moment they said Government workers should not be allowed to resume at their offices not minding the economic implications that will impoverish people and make them even more sick or lead to more mortality than Corona virus can ever kill! Every single step of Government is met with a fight from CRS NMA! Are they the only health association? What categorically have been their contributions, Cross Riverians want to know!

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How has NMA contributed/supported in the fight against COVID-19 in CRS, what role have they played in this fight, how has cross riverians felt their impact outside the usual street protest, strikes, press release, etc that has so far affected the health condition of cross riverians negatively. Who doesn’t know how their strikes led to the loss of lives of so many patients who couldn’t get medical attention? Their high levels of negligence and high demands to smoke screen their refusal to work this COVID-19 period has left doubts in the minds of Cross Riverians. Cross Riverians demand to know Who made CRS NMA spectators in the match? Is it that as an Association, they don’t have the capacity to draw the attention of the Federal Government and the NCDC to come setup the said laboratory they keep laying emphasis on?

Am happy that for every new press release, they keep increasing the number of tests carried out by the State. So they have this direct link and affiliation with the NCDC to get facts and figures and yet they have refused to use that same connections to draw their attention to the numerous cries of the cross river state government on COVID-19 even through their usual press release? Or have they lost relevance following their incessant strikes and unnecessary press release? indeed it’s becoming a misplaced priority as an Association. No one is against NMA releasing their daily press release but in all cases, they should proffer solutions as professionals that they are and not only end there but go further to ensuring that such solutions are achieved and not sit in the comforts of their offices and write what is of no importance to cross riverians.

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Conclusively, i think as cross riverians we’ll be more happy if we can get a press release from NMA stating clearly their contributions/achievements so far from the inception of the outbreak of COVID-19 and a possible way forward as to how safe it will be for our children to return back to school (Because the must return to school soon!)

since the government efforts towards thinking out of the box to get remedies as to how the burden/effect of this pandemic will be reduced from our people is not acceptable by them, NMA CRS kindly suggest solution and stop looking for faults with everything, Cross Riverians are tired!!!

My Name Is Victor O. Akama
A Concerned Youth Of Cross River State


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