Nobody Can Unseat Me, Buhari Boast

President Muhammadu Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari in an interview aired on Friday on the verified Instagram web page of CNN Africa has vowed that no person will unseat him.

Responding to doubts about his capacity to run the nation for a second time period, The interviewer had requested the President, “This is a vibrant democracy. You came in, unseating the incumbent. Are you worried the same could happen to you?”

“No. Nobody would unseat me.”
He added, “I am ready to take this country forward for the next four years.” Buhari answered.

The interviewer went additional to ask him plans to curtail the phobia within the North-East, the President responded  that Boko Haram was now not “technically” having a grip on any native authorities space within the area.

“We have 774 native governments on this nation. They (Boko Haram) used to carry 17. They usually are not technically holding any native authorities now.

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He continued, “But they are indoctrinating young men and women, especially girls, wrap them up with explosives and let them explode them in soft targets like churches, mosques, marketplaces, motor parks and other places.”

“Of course, we are doing our best (to contain the terror) and we thank some foreign countries in Europe and the United States for training our armed forces and going to the battlefront to see how they have performed.” he added.



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