Nobody Should Complain If We Start Killing Southerners In Our Land — APC Northern Senator, Abdullahi Adamu Warn Southern Leaders


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Nobody Should Complain If We Start Killing Southerners In Our Land — APC Northern Senator, Abdullahi Adamu Warn Southern Leaders


Senator Abdullahi Adamu of Nasarawa West warned that no one should protest if the North begins to react for the killings and damages sustained by northerners living in the South in an interview with the Sunday Sun.
Adamu, a two-term governor of Nasarawa State and currently a senator for the All Progressives Congress (APC), claimed that northerners in the south have been treated unfairly, while southerners in the north enjoy the benefits without being targeted.

He noted, however, that initiatives by Southern governors to outlaw open grazing without providing alternatives, as well as doing nothing to stop the killings of Northerners in the South, could come at a high cost, with Southerners residing in the North bearing the brunt of the consequences.

While the governors claim to be opposed to the country’s disintegration, he claims their actions say differently.

“They (Southern governors) keep repeating themselves. What exactly does a broken record do? It cracks,” he stated, expressing his displeasure with the decision of 17 Southern governors to prohibit open grazing.

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“I expected them to be more educated individuals who would be in charge of governance. Each of the governors has taken an oath of fidelity in order to protect the country’s sovereignty.

“This means that everyone of them has a responsibility to avoid any actions or statements that could be interpreted as separatist.

“For eight years, I served as a governor. I’m familiar with the Governors’ Forum. I was in charge of it for five of my right years. I was previously the chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum. So the secretariat and bureaucracy you see were established during my tenure.”

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“There was a meeting of all the state governors before the Asaba Accord,” Adamu continued. There were about 36 of them. Some folks came out and claimed the Southern Governors Forum less than a week after that conference. Regional bodies are not inherently bad.

“However, these governors are aware of the constitution and are aware that every Nigerian has the freedom to freely migrate and associate. A legal right to pursue reasonable objectives. No cattle or open grazing is allowed, according to these governors. What are your options? Have they given you any? What will happen if Northern governors get together and take a stand? What right do you have to tell Nigerians they can’t go about freely?

“How will it end up if northern organizations say no southern commerce in the area? In the South, there occur killings of northerners. We will call it genocide if the North decides to retaliate. What is going on with us? We simply know about problems; we don’t know how to solve them. People are openly advocating for the country’s disintegration.”

The prohibition was also denounced by Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore’s National President, Abdullahi Bello Bodejo, who stated that herdsmen had the constitutional right to graze wherever in the country, and that the only thing that would prevent them from doing so is a lack of grass. Otherwise, they’ll continue to graze with no consequences.

“We are going to respect the legislation and see how to approach some good leaders in the South-East, South-West, and South-South,” he stated in response to the Southern governors’ prohibition on open grazing. To defend our people, we would also approach the Inspector General of Police and other security authorities.

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“This isn’t about grazing; it’s about a plot against the Fulani people. Some people want to take over our cattle business. You’ll see Fulani grazing cows everywhere now, and you’ll think they’re theirs. No! The cows are owned by certain residents of that neighborhood or community.

“You may observe cows grazing in Benue, the state that initially enacted the anti-open-grazing law; their owners are Tiv people. Even the governor, Samuel Ortom, has a large herd of cattle. They want to chase us away so they can carry on with their business.

“Some other African countries tried what these Southern governors are trying to accomplish, but it didn’t succeed. As a result, this will not constitute an exception. You can’t just declare you’ve outlawed open grazing because you don’t have a backup plan.

“This isn’t a new company; we didn’t just start milking cows one day. It is a divine blessing; God is the one who bestows this enterprise upon us; it is not like farming or palm wine tapping. This has been the case since the beginning; the only question now is how to transform the company.

“These governors are perplexed; they are attempting to deprive Fulani of their rights and means of subsistence. Nigeria has a single constitution, which the governors are blatantly disregarding. We may take legal action to prevent them from carrying out their plans.

“They made a mistake in their decision-making process. We were meant to be invited because we live in one of their states. If you are the governor of a state, you are the governor of everyone who lives there. Because we have business in all 50 states, they should have invited us to the meeting.

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“I’m not sure who gave them this awful idea. Without Fulani, no state can progress; any state without Fulani is backward and impoverished. Fulani people are blessed. They have no problems, although they are often blamed for kidnapping, robbery, and banditry. It’s not right.

“They haven’t seen their guys murder police officers or other security personnel. How many police stations have been set ablaze by Fulani? How many police officers have been killed by Fulani? They, on the other hand, want to mess with the business that God has given us. The governors are completely incorrect.”

When told that Southern governors are set on enforcing the recent restriction, he remarked, “I say unequivocally that the Southern governors’ ban on open grazing would never work.” The only thing that can prevent us from grazing in any area is the absence of grasses and water. Fulani have no borders or limits, and they do not require permission to move their cattle from one location to another.

“There is no law or constitution that prevents them from doing so. Fulani people are well-educated and value leadership. They abide by the constitution, which allows them to graze anywhere in the world. ECOWAS allows us to graze wherever we like, but anyone who commits a crime will face the full force of the law,” he added.


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