Northern Governors Should Not Take Ayade Seriously, Otherwise — Senator Jarigbe 

Jarigbe Agom vs Ayade

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Northern Governors Should Not Take Ayade Seriously, Otherwise — Senator Jarigbe






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Why The North Of Nigeria Should Not Be Deceived By My Governor BY SENATOR JARIGBE AGOM


As we gravitate to the end of this year, looking forward to a new beginning in 2022, by the grace of God, we must tell ourselves the truth, both in our contemporary lives and Politics.


Most POLITICIANS are deceitful. The story of my own Experience: Back in the day, when I could still visit my Governor, I walked in to his living room, dressed in a complete “hausa” native attire and my Governor made this statement and I quote – ” Your dressing looks like that of a man form the North. It depicts a split personality. I do not like you dressed like those people because I do not like them”. My Governor expressed hate and resentment towards the hausa/ fulani North.

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I am astonished that the same person said, he was not going to sign the Anti- Open Grazing Bill in to Law, because he could not deprive his brothers from the North from carrying out a legitimate trade. Your guess is as good as mine, who the split personality is.


Our brothers from the North should not be cajoled by my Governor’s posturing and take him seriously, otherwise, their regrets will be more than what we are seeing in Cross River State. Cross River State is unbeatable, when it has to do with Nepotism and discrimination, under this present Government.


The politics of not signing the Anti-Open Grazing Bill, has nothing to do with his acclaimed love for the Hausa/ Fulani but has everything to do with the Politics of 2023. I am a Senator, I was in the House of Representatives and everyone that knows me, is aware that the closest Legislator to me, is from the North and of the APC extraction. That has not affected my stance, politically or of pursuing the agenda of my people, constitutionally and responsibly. In the case of my Governor, the North should not fall for his booby trap. He wants Power and he can go out of his way, to say anything that will interest his gullible audience.

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Can the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ask Governor Ayade, what has happened to the Super Highway, which Mr President flagged off, more than 4 years ago?


Can we also find out what the ownership structure of all the so called Industries is? What revenue has been generated from Industries juxtaposed with the amount of State funds, wrongfully invested in the construction of those non-functional Industries. Are the Industries mere conduits for depleting our common patrimony or they are just white elephant projects, intended for media hype?


We are experiencing a negative phenomenon in Cross River State and we will not allow it happen again.

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The People from the North of Nigeria should please take this narrative,seriously. Power should be given to people with the right disposition. It is not about APC or PDP.





Senator Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe

Cross River North


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