Northern Group Insists North Must Retain Presidency In 2023


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Northern Group Insists North Must Retain Presidency In 2023

Northern Consensus Movement Insists North Should Retain Presidency In 2023 the North should retain NIgeria’s presidency in 2023.
Speaking at a world press conference on Wednesday September 8, 2021 in Kaduna, the group explained that the South has ruled for more years under the present democratic dispensation, since ex President Olusegun Obasanjo took over in 1999.
The group, through its convener and President, Comrade Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu argued that the North should be allowed to do four more years to balance the amount of years enjoyed by the South.
“We still have a balance of four years. The South combined has held the office of the President since 1999 for 14 years. By the time President Muhammdu Buhari completed his tenure, the North would have spent 10 years.
“We insist the North be allowed to spend another four years to get a balance, afterwards, we can sit at a dialogue and determine how we can do rotational presidency,” he said.
The group emphasized that the political leaders cannot decide who leads northerners as the masses comprise over 99 per cent of the population.
“They cannot arm twist us on who would lead us. This is the position of the masses of Northern Nigeria.
Speaking further, recalled recent happenings in the country, which has led to loss of lives and property of Northerners in the South.
“From the EndSARS, to the Shahsa crisis and upheavals in the South East which have affected the North, we have lost a lot.
He said President Muhammadu Buhari delegated Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State to dialogue on the group on how the losses invited by Northerners amounting to N45.5 billion Naira can be recovered.
NCM President insisted that the North remains one and is a bloc, so whatever touches a single Northerner affects all and they will fight to ensure the wrong is made right, following the constitution of 1999.
He said in view of that, they are inaugurating committees to ensure Northerners who lost from recent upheavals in the south are compensated.
He said another committee would be inaugurated to ensure the North remains united.
Comrade Aliyu explained that the North remains accommodative and property of Southerners are worth billions in Northern NIgeria.
He said about 17m Igbos and 19m Yorubas are resident in the North.
“We are them as our brothers and sisters, we don’t segregate. The entire Northerners in the south are just about six million. They don’t own property there. They live in temporary shelters.
You have over 30 million Southerners in the North, owning property worth thrillions of Naira.
“That we are peaceful does not mean we are cowards. That we are peaceful does not mean we don’t know our constitutional rights.
“We insist they protect our own the way we protect theirs. Enough is enough of these killings, we should live as brothers and sisters.
“We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure NIgeria remains one,” he said.
Speaking further, the group called for Nigerians to be united, to help the country make faster progress.

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