Obubra-Etung 2023: Why FG Okpechi Remains The Best  


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Obubra-Etung 2023: Why FG Okpechi Remains The Best


The member representing Obubra 1 State Constituency and the Obubra-Etung Federal House Representatives hopeful come 2023, Rt. Hon. (Dr) Friday Okpechi Gabriel is the man with the brain and brawn for the job of the Green Chamber. He’s capacity overdose, and integrity personified.


As consultations and more declarations of interest to run for the position of the Obubra-Etung Federal House of Representatives seat at the Green Chamber continues to gather momentum, mostly on cyberspace – by both pretenders and real contenders, it is very pertinent we look before we leap, so we won’t repeat our past mistakes again.

Haven tested and proven he is a man of integrity, even when those who had lost hope in the party (PDP), those who thought that the Peoples Democratic Party, especially in Obubra Local Government Area has been defeated, Rt. Hon.(Dr) FG Okpechi stood his grounds and defended his people. He fought relentlessly to ensure that the PDP remains the only party in the LGA. Today, in the entire 18-LGAs of Cross River State, Obubra is the only LGA that has its two House of Assembly Members intact, five councillors out of eleven.

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FG Okpechi is an exceptional leader, experienced and well positioned to do better in leadership position.

What defines leadership, be it in the political or circular realm, is influence and impact, but not for how many years that have passed with leaders in or off the corridors of power. A leader, defined as those who exercise power and influence on a group of people for goal realization, can either be born or made. Effective leaders – either born or made, despite experience, have capacity for solving problems; anywhere they find themselves, they set agenda, mobilize people of like minds, inspire, motivate and persuade them to work towards achieving the goal.

According to George Hallenbeck, “Without the capacity to influence others, your ability to make what you envision a reality remains elusive, because, after all, no one can do it alone.”

Effective and transformational leaders tap into the potentials, hearts and energy of those around them and draw out commitment to achieve the desired goal. Great leaders have high emotional intelligence quotient with self-awareness, empathy and social skill which make people believe they have genuine/altruistic, but not clandestine motive.

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Obubra-Etung Federal Constituency, needs a leader like FG Okpechi, who can appreciate our vulnerability, who will speak for us, defend us, understand our concerns, inspire us and provide support to guide us. FG Okpechi is a rare gem.

FG Okpechi has always inspired trust, hope and profound confidence in many young people, in not just Obubra but the entire state at large.

For the records, FG Okpechi had awarded scholarships to over hundred of students, influenced employment opportunities to his constituents. Through his office, FG Okpechi had assisted many to secure one enviable employment or the other.


Below are some of the CRITICAL BILLS, REPORT and MOTIONS sponsored by Rt. Hon. (Dr) FG Okpechi;

1. A BILL for a law to establish the Boarder Security Agency to provide security services accross all boarders of CRS. (Remember that Obubra has boarder Security Challenges. Particularly part of my constituency accross the River, hence the reason I came up with this bill).

2. A BILL for a law to provide for the CRS preservation of Public Peace and other matters connected therewith. (This is to check the incessant public unrest and Communal crisis in the state. Obubra having suffered same).

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3. Motion condemning the hijack of the famous ENDSARS PROTEST in CRS by hoodlums (A call on CR Government to urgently set up a panel of inquiry to fish out and bring to book culprits).

4. A REPORT on a Bill for a law to Prohibit Kidnapping in CRS.. ETC.

For the record, FG Okpechi is one of the fearless lawmakers in the 9th Assembly who constantly speaks truth to critical issues of the state in the Chamber and stand very tall. He is one of the ranking members of high repute and integrity with a very loud voice on the floor of the house. He is an iron stamp member with ordercity, versatility and tenacity.

He is a Pro-Masses legislator not an Esterblishment legislator who canverse bills from Esterblishment or even import from other legislative houses. His Bills, Motions and Reports are original, critical and Masses oriented.



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