On Monday, the 14th September 2020, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva, says the Federal Government will from October begin converting the cars and generators of Nigerians to run on gas.
That it will be done free of charge for all Nigerians to cushion the effect of the hike in pump price of fuel.

According to the minister, he said the move would reduce carbon emissions as well as the demand for Premium Motor Spirit otherwise known as petrol.

He said,

The alternative we are now introducing is gas, which is definitely going to be cheaper than the subsidised rate of PMS. So, what we are trying to encourage Nigerians to do now is to convert their cars to dual fuel”.

Okokobioko 😂🤣

I’m not even gonna stress my brain writing much on this. Because I know that the Nigerian government cannot achieve this in the next 600 years. We’re used to this type of yeye talk.😂

However, if they eventually break the yoke of backwardness, cluelessness and finally executed this new development successfully, do you think Nigerians will easily adapt/accept it?

In fact let me ask you reading this.

If The Federal Government Successful Executed Their Plans Of Converting  Cars, Generators To Run On Gas Instead Of Fuel,👇

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