Okon Effiong Residents Protests against poor intra-street road construction


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Residents of Okon Effiong appreciate the intervention of NDDC to provide them with good access road around Effangha Offiong, Aba street and Okon Effiong street, after several years of neglect by successive governments.

However, the access road at Effangha Offiong and Aba streets have standard gutters constructed to check the volume of water/erosion in this area. The residents of Okon Effiong street are protesting the non inclusion of gutter in their road to check the same high volume of water/erosion along the street.

They now fear that the road may be rendered impassable if the contractors go ahead with the usage of capstones that wouldn’t manage or control the high volume of water when the long rains start.

“The contractors of the road should be called to order to also construct gutter along Okon Effiong Street just as they’ve constructed at Effangha Offiong and Aba Streets or they should discontinue with the work and we fear when it starts to rain, it will be worse,” said one resident.

Another one said, without gutter, the purpose of the intervention will be defeated.

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