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OPINION: NIGERIA AT 59! How Far Have We Gone?

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N I G E R I A at 59, has been a mixup of Calamities and Woes. Nigeria during the last four years, has moved to become one of the most dangerous place to live on earth with the daily rampage of Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Armed Bandits, Kidnappers and their likes, which has affected our economy negatively. Overnight, Nigeria moved from being the fastest growing economy in Africa to become the headquarters of poverty in the world. An economy where our lowest money denomination (Five Naira) can virtually buy nothing, while our highest denomination of One Thousand Naira is rapidly losing its buying power.

Our educational sector has become a shadow of itself, as many graduates have become unemployable due to the dwindling academic standards and acute corruption amongst academic bodies and institutions. Parents now bribe lecturers and teachers on behalf of their wards. Hard work is no more encouraged, as the best graduating student in a department would be given a cash reward of 100 Naira, while a deviant from ‘Big Brother Naija’ would be given as much as 60 Million Naira for just been a pervert.

Nigerian workers are not left out, as the government has intentionally refused to pay the 30,000 minimum wage earlier promised to workers, which is barely enough to feed a full grown man for a month, not to talk of a family of four or six as the case maybe. Yearly, fresh graduates are made to serve their father’s land with a monthly meagre allowance of about 19,800 Naira, not minding the enormous risks they face while in service.

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Nigerians are now seen as criminals all over the world. Whenever we go to foreign embassies to seek for visa, we are made to go through stiff procedures unlike other Nationals. This new found identity is undoubtedly as a result of the increased rate of Internet Fraud which has doubled up with the increased rate of unemployment and a decline in the ease of doing business.

The rate of migration has quadrupled, as many young Nigerians now seek for the slightest opportunity to move out of the country not minding the inherent risks involved, all in the quest for survival. This large exodus of Nigerians to other countries has led to the latest xenophobic attacks on Nigerians thus leading to the untimely death of many. Still many are determined to travel out including me if given the opportunity. Man must survive!

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Since independence in 1960, Nigeria has never been more divided and disunited as we have witnessed in the last few years, as our so called leaders has failed to promote unity and oneness amongst the masses. It’s no more a secret that the present day government has been at the forefront of promoting tribalism and ethnicity, as 95% of our Security Service Chiefs are all from a particular ethnic group, which is not supposed to be, in a Multi-Ethnic Society as Nigeria. What do I even know!

With all of these I begin to ask myself, When shall Nigeria become one strong united nation??? When shall we take our rightful place in the global stage??? When shall young graduates be gainfully employed??? When shall the youths become the leaders of tomorrow??? When shall the poor smile again??? When shall our politicians get it right??? These I leave for Nigeria to reflect on at 59!

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Jake Clifford

Jake Clifford is a Nigerian Born blogger and a fast growing Journalist, whose aim is to inform Nigerians with happening across Nigeria. Send story tips to him via [email protected] or


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