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Opinion : Should Buhari have waited for senator Abaribe? — By Isababa

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We were told that civilization started in Africa, but, what is happening in Africa today, calls for a lot of questioning, questions that requires urgent answers. Questions like, who did we offend? What actually did our forebears do? What should we actually do to atone for their sins if actually they committed any sin ?

I have heard arguments about the current level of insecurity in Nigeria, most especially as it concerns the comment by Distinguished Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, calling President Buhari to resign and the altercations between the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Presidency, as led by Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to the President on Media. It is very disheartening that while Femi Adesina and his paid writers who we believed are members of CAN have gone wild trying to justify their disrespect for the Christian body in Nigeria, their arguments have not in any way stoped the killings going on currently in Nigeria.

I am strongly of the believe that both Christian and Moslem leaders should not be partisan in their dealings with Nigerians, as doing that will incite one community against the other and set in anarchy, but, I also know that you don’t beat a child and expect that child not to cry. The rhythm of the cry of a child that has been beaten is only determined by that child and it is only through appeasement that the cry will only stop.

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It is in view of these, that I will want to advise Femi Adesina to caution his tongue and that of his men on the way they insult Christian leaders. Femi Adesina had accused CAN leaders of being partisan for calling on President Buhari to sack his service chiefs, and to him, they have no right to demand for that, and doing that means being partisan. I want to ask if Femi Adesina have forgotten that apart from being CAN leaders, that those persons are Nigerians and lives in Nigeria. I don’t know if Femi Adesina and the Presidency knows that as the Christian body in Nigeria, that CAN is like the parents of all Christians? Will parents fold their hands and watch their children being killed and they will not cry and demand for measures to be taken to avoid more killings? Should they just keep quiet to please the Presidency and Femi Adesina?

That Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe demanded for Buhari to resign and Shehu Garba, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media, and the Presidency will call it foolishness, shows Africa in general, and Nigeria in particular is in trouble, and will continue to be in trouble if God and men of Goodwill will not stand up to rescue her. Has Shehu Garba forgotten that President Buhari, during the health problem of President Umaru Ya’arua had asked that Ya’arua should resigned? Has Garba Shehu forgotten that President Buhari during the government of President Jonathan had asked Jonathan severally to resigned because of insecurity, and that he is not capable? It is not very shameful that we are in a continent and country where people easily forgets their yesterday.

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If integrity has anything to do with President Buhari and his government, should President Buhari have waited for senator Enyinnaya Abaribe to say it? Is the situation now not worse than the reasons before why Buhari called other Presidents to resigned? If it were to be in the developed world, President Buhari would have resigned honorably without being told because on corruption fighting, he has failed. We are the most corrupt country now in Africa, no thanks to him and his lieutenants who now sell jobs before they publish it, and their style of corruption fighting where if you are close to the Presidency or do their bidding, you can steal and go free while any one that criticise the government is corrupt. On insecurity , Buhari has also failed. Before President Buhari took over, we were only talking about insecurity in North Eastern Nigeria, today, from North to South, no where is safe again. On Poverty, we have suddenly become poverty capital of the world within Buhari’s five years in office. What we are now talking about is extreme poverty.

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Today, Buhari’s government no more believe in Amnesty International, Transparency International and other world organizations on whose report they relied on, before they came into power to call other governments before them corrupt and ineffective.

Should Buhari be told to resign? is he not aware that he has failed on all governance rating index? If he is not aware, because he is not always aware of things arround him, someone should please help us tell him that Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe just told him the truth and what he should do.

Ekpenyong Isaiah-isababa
Commander, Infantry Pen Battallion
[email protected]

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Jake Clifford

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