OPINION : The role of poverty in Nigeria politics and its effects on national development


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Politics which is the embodiment of activities that cumulate into formation of government at all level be it national, state or local level is seriously affected by poverty level of Nigeria citizens.

The problem of billing daily expenses which has become the problem of 80% of Nigeria population has erode people of any other consideration in taking decision than how they will be able to meet this responsibility.

The implications is simple; people forget their other rights, effect of their decision on their immediate environment or future when they are taken steps; thinking only of any legitimate way of footings their bill.

This become complicated when almost all sources of legitimate and decent jobs now rest in the hand of topmost officials of the government.

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What we are saying is that ‘it is he’ who plant people in government that can get good works for his people.

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Or more in most cases you need to get yourself in the good book of people in government before you can be fixed in a good job in Nigeria now.

You must be a candidate of one senior civil servant or political office holder, kings or powerful spiritual big fathers before you can get good job here now.

Everything bordered down to people you know in governance and this is forcing us to politics that put people in governance only; nothing seem to come into considerations apart from winning party.

What are we saying?

You must be in good book of ruling class to survive beautifully in this country.

This has now turn everyone to politician or sympathizer of one.

It is what person can benefit me not what person can do it right.

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The struggle is to get to power or get someone to power by all means to get the direct benefit of political offices.

This the big guns of politics or business have known and are making use in getting their ways; they buy their ways into post and dish out token to still get the support of people while doing nothing toward the development of the land.

Here 60% reactions to political development is sponsored and have nothing to do with the plight of people or good governance.

Demonstration for or against government here is only sponsored because a man who doesn’t know what his family will eat in the evening will not have time to demonstrate and since it has not come to the point where people will be ready to die.

Voting is determine by who can pay higher and sometimes those in government using federal apparatus to force their will on people.


And because of hunger and the reason that you can only get good thing if you are in government; 30% of the population will stand with the government no matter how bad the government is.

Bad government may be the initial cause of poverty but poverty has become the tripod the bad government stand on and the main promoter of underdevelopment of this nation.

Anyone trying to help the nation now should therefore fight poverty so that people may eat bellyful to be able to rise and demand for good governance.

The politics of this nation will remain unhealthy and continue to debar development until the greatest enemy of mankind fighting the nation called poverty is destroyed

Just passing by as usual and singing a new song I just find on my lips.

Bisi Kristien


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