Our Case Is Like That Of A Husband And Wife Whose Marriage Is Not Working But Post Lovely Pictures On Social Media — Paul Okoye Reveals Reason Why P-Square Broke Up



The Nigerian singer Paul Okoye, aka Rudeboy, and his twin brother Peter, popularly known as Mr P, were undoubtedly one of Africa’s most popular twins, both of whom were members of the P-Square music group. There have, however, been many speculations and conjectures about what could have gone wrong with them since the group broke up some years ago. Some were also of the view that the group’s break-up was hasty and the brothers should still have remained together.

Rudeboy, however, emphatically stated in an exclusive interview with Saturday Beats that the problems that led to the group’s split had been around for a long time. “I actually started my career as a solo artist and I’ve recorded quite a few songs,” he said. My twin brother (Peter) also had a dance group that I had been part of before, but left after a while. To create a special group that would be distinct from other groups in nature, he (Peter) was brought in (to form P-Square). I sang when he was dancing, and it was our older brother, Jude, who had the idea. We only had a collaboration with a stage, not a collaboration with music. The division of labor that we performed was what made P-Square. Peter handled the dancing aspect and the stagecraft, while Jude was our manager and he directed our videos, I was in charge of singing. It got to a point, however, when one person began making demands and called for the sack of some team members. We would let the workers affected go because we wanted peace to reign. That went on for a while, but it got to a point where things couldn’t stay that way anymore.

Our situation is like that of a husband and wife whose marriage is not working on social media but sharing lovely images. The rosy photos will be seen by people who don’t know the facts and appeal with the union not to split up. But, they’re not sure of what’s going on behind closed doors. Probably, the safest thing is for them to go their separate ways.

Some may believe that it all began recently, but it’s been going on for a long time now. I can tell you with certainty that my first solo album was meant to be ‘Game Done’ (released in 2007). The word,’ Game Over,’ meant that the community was done with me. As a solo artist, I recorded the album and sent it to some people, but they were shocked to find that I was the only one on the album. There were various things people said, and I later shelved my proposal.’

“On whether a collaboration between them was possible even if they did not come back together as a group, the singer of the ‘Woman’ said, “The question is, does he see us together? It is not mandatory that everybody has to sing in a music group. P-Square was never a two-singer group (rather, it was a group of one singer and one dancer). Honestly, I tried my best to work for the party. The public is unaware of so many problems that have brought us to this point. There are also things I chose not to reveal because I want to protect my family.




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