Outrage as female employer insists wives must get recommendations from their husbands and single women from their fathers


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A female employer on Facebook has caused an uproar after she posted a job ad that a number of people believe takes women back several decades.

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, the founder of AccountingHub, put up the job advert on her Facebook page, revealing that she is looking for a female accountant. However, one of the requirements to apply for the job is that the female applicants must get a letter of recommendation from their male relatives.

She wrote: “Dear husbands, kindly send in a strongly-worded personal recommendation for your wife. Dear wife, kindly ensure that you have a good basic Excel skill and the 3 duties above, you can handle.”

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She added: “Single ladies can apply, you need a recommendation letter from your father or an uncle or a clergy or a senior accountant.”

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Facebook users pointed out that her job advert places the women’s fate at the mercy of men and seems to point to the fact only a recommendation from a male (husband, father, uncle, or clergy) can be trusted to decide the female applicant’s integrity.

She was greatly criticized for her post and accused of bias and discrimination.

Andrea Ijeoma Njoku-Tade criticized Chioma for the job ad, writing: “Well I think madam is trying to say that on her own merit as a woman, she lacks personal integrity but needs validation from husband or male relatives or clergy. Plus she may have been dodgy before marriage but thank God her husband made an honest, virtuous, God fearing woman out of her.
We thank God!”

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She added: “Wow! This job ad breaks every modern recruitment and human resources/corporate rules and regulations.
But then only in Nigeria where beggars who have no choice but to pick crumbs off the floor.
To think that you think that it takes only a male to guarantee or vouch for a person’s integrity?”

But Chioma Ifeanyi -Eze replied, stating that she requires a man’s recommendation because the job requires dealing with money and she needs to have someone to hold if the woman escapes with her money.

But her explanation didn’t explain why it’s only men that can be held responsible in the event that the female applicant absconds with money.

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Below are more reactions to the job ad.



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