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Panic In Presidency As G-Money Gives Buhari Few Days To Reduce Fuel Price To N50 Or Face Drastic Revolution

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Nigerians will soon hear from me, Prince Gmoney Owojaiye. The government will soon hear from me. My intellectual revolution must be certainly achieved without timidity or phobia.

We must reeducate and resocialise and awaken the sleeping Nigerian youths who are the leaders of tomorrow through my passionate preaching of a sociopolitical transformation.

We must compel the government to listen to the decisions of the people. Just like the French revolutionaries under the 1789 French revolution, the third estate made up of the poor proletarians formed a government and combated the monarchy. They never gave up till France became a republic.

Just like the Russian revolution of 1917, the revolutionaries of the Bolsheviks led by VI Lenin never gave up till they achieve the socialist revolution. Just like the Chinese in 1949, they fought the monarchical dynasty till they were victorious. Just like the American revolution that led to their independence of 1776, they fought the British government till independence was achieved. We must never be intimidated. We must stand firm. Although, there will be challenges but with God Almighty and our commitment, we will achieve our goals. Remember we have an individual role to play. Lets work together in transparency, sincerity and love.

Like the french revolution, class struggle led to a revolution to the victory of the masses in france. The masses are the majority and the government are the minority. We must speak out angrily. We are the proletarians exploited first by our ex colonial imperialists under colonialism and still exploited by our own indigenous leaders after independence and this must not continue.

We can’t continue to allow our comprador bourgeoisie and those greedy capitalists, turn us to slaves in our land and make our unborn generations suffer because we failed to speak and repair our Nation. We can’t continue to be mute and watch a minority few to keep us in a despicable state.

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The time to speak and fight passionately is now. Citizens of Nigeria unite. My aims and objectives can only be achieve either in an intellectual revolution or otherwise. Prince Gmoney Owojaiye know most of us are passionately ready for action. don’t worry or allow your heart to be troubled. We will get there. We must put our house in order and assure ourselves unity so that we can speak with one voice when we storm the streets. We know we need resources to embark on this herculean task, but I assure you, the God who have picked us for this mission must surely give us resources in anyway because even the angels in heaven know that the time for transformation is now.

We will confront the government peacefully and make our demands passionately and angrily. We must tell the government to give us back our democracy and hand power over to Nigerians. We must come together and demand for a second independence of Nigerians. We must not continue to allow the ruling class keep us miserably backward while them and their families and friends move forward in opulence and riches. We cannot continue to allow them to squeeze wealth from our sweat while we languish is taste and hunger.

I tell you boisterously, you are poor not because of God in heaven. Not because you did not go to school. Not because of a curse or laziness but you are poor because of the sociopolitical and economic system practised that allow the ruling class to continue its exploitation and plunder.


They have tied our destiny since 1960 to a stick. They have privatised this country to themselves under their foolish and wicked system called capitalism and they blind our eyes and make us deceived using western democracy which they still manipulate. Thus, the Nigerian PLC is their own and they use it as they like but I tell you, we must let them know that Nigeria is made up of over 500 ethnic nationalities who were integrated in 1914 to form this nation. And this nation do not belong to any tribe or region. It belongs to all.

We must establish a new government rule and govern by the people and on behalf of the people and for the interest of the people. Our intellectual revolution which will soon take place in the various States that makes up this federation will soon kick off.

We must be highly committed. We must not give up. We must tell the government that we are tired of their tyranny and unguided rulership. We must be outspoken. We must let them know that we are not anti government or lawless or anarchists but the government must return this country to a real democracy and constitutionalism. And for this to be accomplished, we must spark up the revolutionary spirit from our nigerian youths.

The government have applied every means possible to break the youths. They create poverty by plundering the economy so that, all the youth will think of is how to eat but not how to challenge the government and better the country. They lie to us in their manifestos. They say they will do this and that. They say the youths will be incorporated into their government. They say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but every tomorrow that comes and goes, it is still they that leads.

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We must tell the elites of the north, the south, the east and the west that we are tired of their mischievous governance. We must not be discouraged by threats. Our aim is purely open and its an intellectual revolution which purify the minds revolutionarily and reeducate the sleeping masses.

Therefore, we must obey the clarion call. Everyone in this country have an individual responsibility for the actualisation of this movement for the benefit of our generations yet unborn and our children children.

The cabal since 1960, have made it possible for our own children to live and survive under their children. They want our children to be dependent on their children so they suck the economy dry, use what they get from it to enrich themselves and their children while we and our children languish in penury and destitution like vagabonds.

Stand up youths of this nation. You have nothing to fear. We must free ourselves from the chain of exploitation by the elites. I tell you, the only language an oppress hears is the kernel of a revolution.

Be inspired and believe in this for it is possible. We must repair our nation and bring it back to normalcy.

Prince Gmoney Owojaiye

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Jake Clifford

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