Pastor Closes Church, Tell Members To Go To Any Living Church, Says He Is A Fake Man of God (Check How It Happened)


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Pastor Closes Church, Tell Members To Go To Any Living Church, Says He Is A Fake Man of God (Check How It Happened)



According to news, a Nigerian pastor has closed his church and ordered all of his members, whom he has misled over the years, to attend living churches in the region. On a specific Sunday, he was said to have confessed to his church members.

On Sunday, a pastor of a Pentecostal church in Asaba had the epiphany while preaching to his congregation about the importance of being mindful of the material things of life.

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He was responding to a question about why some true Christians are pining away in poverty, penury, and want when ungodly people flourish in the world.

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A man posed the question after a fellow pastor told him at work that people who do not practice watertight Christianity are doing better in life than those who profess and genuinely live godly lives and refrain from partaking in the unethical activities of government officials.

The pastor cautioned faithful Christians to preserve their steadfastness and commitment to Christ when answering the question. Despite the fact that some claim the preaching has been consistent for years, he believes the time of Christ’s return is approaching.

The prosperity of the ungodly, according to the priest, is temporary and cannot endure the test of time. Many people cheat in offices and participate in a number of questionable practices, according to him, which true Christians cannot indulge in as God’s children.

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He made reference to the fake pastor who was involved in various rituals to attract members to his church while answering the question. On this basis, the pastor traveled to numerous locations in order to gain various sources of influence in order to perform miracles in his church.

According to him, he realized the time of earthly reckoning had arrived when a member of his syndicate party with whom he was participating in various rituals was arrested and implicated.

He supposedly went to his church and disclosed all of the evils in which he had been involved, as well as how he had bewitched them with charms over the years. He is said to have told the congregation that he does not use God’s power to perform his teachings and miracles.

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Following this revelation, he advised members of his congregation to attend churches in the surrounding area that they believed were teaching the true word of God.

As a result, he closed the church, and the congregation dispersed to other churches in town.


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