PDP Crisis: Ayade Has Dug His Political ‘Grave’ Because He Don’t Have Good Advisers — Ajie


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Recall that the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) National Working Committee, (NWC) was the one that instructed the Governor to announce automatic ticket to all NASS members prior to the 2019 general election due to the crisis he had with the NASS members arising from the 2016 ward and chapter Congresses.

Recall also that it was the NWC that conducted the March 2020 Ward and chapter Congresses and determined which of the faction’s list was authentic via a disclaimer of the Governor’s list.

Recall again that the NWC has just extended the tenure of the state PDP caretaker committee for another 30 days where other states are planning to inaugurate their state officers except for a few states who are opposition in their states without a clear cut leadership.

Recall more so,that the NWC is currently midwifing the current imbroglio between the Governor and the NASS members as to who controls the state structures of the party.

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And i can tell you on a good authority that the NWC will eventually determine who becomes the next state party chairman.

From the above analysis, let me ask you, who is the leader of the party in CRS?

The next time I hear you write on your party Secretariat (Facebook)”the governor is the leader of the party in CRS “I will just conclude you are the reason why the Governor has lost his leadership of the state PDP to the NWC because of your ill advice and your over zealousness to justify your food on the table.

If I were the Governor, some of you I will provide soft loans and grant for you to do businesses and farming, to some I will improve on your ministries as pastors by making monies available to build your churches because you guys have no business in politics.

The Governor felt he was magnanimous by appointing you or may be it was a strategy to win further elections, unfortunately his decision as to whatever reasons he did that has become his greatest undoing.

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Like the Athenian philosopher Aristotle will say” until philosophers become kings or kings and princes become philosophers, the world will know no peace”.

Until the Governor decides to purge himself of these opportunist who have suddenly become politicians on Facebook and return to men and women of reason who fought tooth and nail to have him clinch the seat of power,he will continue to loose his prestige to outsiders.

You advice him to retire some people for you to climb, where were you when these same people you want him to retire used their political expertise and enterprise to help him ascend the throne? you can’t retire a man who understands the game more than you do.

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Why was Senator Liyel Imoke who is popularly referred to as political Avatar never joked with the NASS members to the point of changing their cars seasonally,the reason was because he understands that it takes two to tangle and these two arms must synergies if the state must be developed.

Now these empty vessels who can not even win their political wards are the ones pointing at who should be retired. When I look at my Ogoja and I see the people the Governor recognizes and patronises as his hench men,I know he has just duck his political grave which was why i took a part of honor to step aside and watch the dance from the sideline and ever since i left,it has been one obstacle or the other due to the greed of some people.

I wish the Governor well as he is till my boss.

Snr Comrade Paul Ajie.


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