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PDP Crisis: Gov Ayade Under Pressure To Dump PDP

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Governor Ayade, you must defect from PDP now to save yourself from early political retirement. You are too young, in your word, olympotic, kinetic and digital to be rooted out so early from the political space. Those who have risen against you are mean, desperate and ready to see to your political demise and subsequent internment.

You’re not my political friend, neither am I your fan but with all honesty, not minding what naysayers will imagine, it appears those who are supposedly calling the shot in PDP have finally, against morality, precedent and PDP conventions taken you out as a party leader in the state. So, if you don’t defect, your political end has come.

Governor Ayade, you must defect now to remain politically relevant, safe and secured in the days to come.

Do you remember Rotimi Ameachi, the powerful Minister of Transportation and former powerful Governor of oil-rich River States? he towed the part of political survival when he was booted out of PDP, by defecting to All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2014. Today he remains relevant in National politics. Though others have the right to think otherwise, he, and perhaps his team remains the men to beat in Rivers politics. Just like you who has arguably, an oil machine, Ameachi left with a full political machine. Till date, the team is almost intact. You can achieve the same feat if you take a similar part. consult and learn from him. After all, he is your man. In 2019 he was part of the team that fixed your second term.

In 2006 the PDP, under the auspices of Dr Obasanjo and Chris Uba (the godfather) expel Chris Ngige, former Anambra State governor from the party. The aftermath of that event was his defection to Action Congress (AC) in 2007. AC later metamorphose into Action Congress of Nigeria(ACN) and later All APC. The benefit of that is that Ngige has been elected as a senator and now serving as Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Similarly, Audu Ugbe, former PDP National Chairman was asked to resign his position, under gunpoint in 2005. He did as instructed by Dr Obasanjo. Years after his resignation, he found solace in ACN and later APC where he serves as one of the think-tanks, later all-powerful minister of Agriculture. Now he is the chairman of Arewa Consultative Forum.

In the same vein, Samuel Otom, also known as automatic, nearly got his retirement letter from George Akume if not for his smart political calculation which saw him leaving the ruling APC to the powerful PDP.

Mr. governor, unlike Christianity, where we are thought to wait on the lord, politics requires a smart and perhaps spontaneous response to remain relevant.

Ayade, you must act now.

You must not allow the dragon to slew you. Like the thunderbird, in the animated movie (series), Boss Baby, it’s time for you to take your revenge.

Remember, your bosom friend, Chris Agara? you must not let him down. You should endeavour to renew his strength like those who wait upon the lord.

Sir (Prof.) Benedict son of Ayade, you must defect now. Your friends, I mean those whom you paid a sign-on fee in APC during the 2019 general elections, this is the time to renew your marriage- the marriage you have defined as convenient.

Usani Uguru is your man, walk with like Enoch who walks with the Lord.

Rotimi Ameachi is your go-between man, reason with him like Isaiah.

Upan Odey, Prof Nyong, Hilliard Etta and most Cross River APC State Working Committee members have enjoyed your benevolence, this is the time to team up with them like Paul and Silas.

Dr Joseph Odok will gladly welcome you into the progressive fold. Hopefully, his ideas may come to be useful to you.

Ifere Paul, Mfam Asu and Iso Edim, they may have the opportunity of passing unto you their progressive template of good governance.

Abba Kyari, the former Aso Rock fixer who, in your word could fix anything fixable for you is gone but his shadow remains in the Villa. Utilize it and build a new frontier for yourself. This an opportunity to rise and tame the tiger.

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No one, not even Senator John Enoh will be rattle by incoming to APC. This is because it is better for the manufacturer to repair a damaged vehicle than a mere roadside mechanic. Go, use the opportunity of the assault on your political life to develop mega- coalition that will remain sustainable even after you might have left office.

You have always bragged of your dual membership of political parties. That is PDP in Calabar and APC in Abuja. That style of unstable political romance is endangering to your political destiny. It is a weak strategy which you must avoid. This is the time to retrace your steps and build trust among allies and comrades.

Forget all your multiple appointees, they cannot help you. Most of them are traitors. Like ‘man’ in the 1895 Maria Corelli’s novel, The Sorrows of Satan, they will give you a smiling face, behind your back they will stab you to your bewilderment. Rather, it is safe and strategically wise to begin to build a team of tested politicians, who are loyal and ready to rise and fall with you.

I can see the battle ahead of you, it is really fiest. They say you’re dealing with the Aveta. The Aveta, they say, never forgives. You can best image the challenge. Arm yourself with real political armour if you wish to forge on or, continue to fantasise while you’re overrun by the Aveta.

Mind you, your opponents are not relenting. They have fortified the PDP against you. They have mobilized the people against you. They have their men in the nooks and crannies of the state financial system. That shoudd explain to you what will befall you if you fail to defect so that you can build your walls?

In the book of Joshua, 6: 20, we are told a story of how the children of Israel were praising the Lord and the walls of Jerico fell down flat. Believe me, this is not the days of Joshua nor the government of our Lord God, It is a man in his fictitious self. So defect and break those political walls sledgehammerly.

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Now, forget this face mask swag. If possible, from now henceforth begin to appear in a hooded jacket like Godswill Akpabio when he was pushing Udom’s candidature. This will psychologically place you in a state of war. After all, Dr Obasanjo postulated that participating in political activities and winning election in Nigerian is war. Defect and fight to a finish. You’re in a battle.

No need for unnecessary grammar and scientific analysis that only gives self-importance and amplify sycophants and hero worshippers. Preferably, engage political scientists, experience politicians and humanists to help with the ideas and resources to safe you’re political life.

Please, forget all these social media inexperience audio appointees of yours and build a crack team of experienced, savvy and witty writers with exquisite penmanship to build a sophisticated information gathering and dissemination machine for you. This is the time for info-power.

Leave governance for Ivara Esu. Maybe he may be able to improve your approval rating- given the fact that there is so much to be be done before your second tenure elapsed.

Play politics like never before. This is not the time for theatrical and Robin hoodism, its time for steadfastness, consistency, doggedness, the sincerity of purpose and good governance.

Your Excellency, Sir (Prof.) Benedict Ayade, the time to defect from PDP is now.

S.E. Abang

(c) SEA

Note: I am not an appointee of the governor, neither am I seeking for one. This is just my candid opinion.

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Jake Clifford

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