Please Help Me: My Dad Is the Biological Father Of Our Children and I Don’t Know How to Tell My Husband That He’s Not Their Father  


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Please Help Me: My Dad Is the Biological Father Of Our Children and I Don’t Know How to Tell My Husband That He’s Not Their Father

Hello, my name is Rita, I need advice because I don’t know what to do again. When I was in JSS2, I was in my room that night when daddy came in, sat very close to me and we were talking. Unexpectedly, he began to touch me in a s*xual way. And before I could think about what was happening, he had carnal knowledge of me, taking my dignity as a girl.

I grew up with my father. My Mom left us when I was barely four years old. She left with my elder sister, leaving me with my Dad. I was very close to my Dad. And many people referred to me as his wife. But there was more to what people knew about my Dad and me. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

I was told that when my mother left my dad, his family and even his friends advised him to marry another wife so that the new wife can take care of me but he refused and instead of marrying another wife, he employed a housemaid who took proper care of me. In fact, it was hard for me to believe she was not my mother. My father stood by his word as he chose not to remarry.

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My Dad took care of me till I got married at age twenty-six. And I was married to a caring husband and blessed with three lovely children.

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However, my father and I continued this shameful act and I started loving him the more. I chose not to voice out because I was enjoying it and he never allowed me to suffer anything.

In my university days, Dad will come to my campus to take me out on weekends. After visiting a lot of places, we will end it in a hotel room. As a result of this act, I lost interest in the opposite s*x, especially when it came to a relationship.

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How I finally agreed to marry is still what I can’t explain even now! I got married to my husband, an Engineer, seventeen years ago and we were blessed with three children, a boy and two girls, ages fifteen, thirteen and ten. And my husband is a loving and caring man.

Ola is the name of my husband, he was the elder brother of my roommate on campus and that was how we met. He always came around to see his sister and soonest he picked up interest in me, a year after my NYSC he proposed and we got married.

I remember when my husband and I were still courting I told Ola everything about my family especially about my parents’ separation. I never told him the secret relationship between my dad and I. Even after our marriage, I still visited my Dad often and Ola never complained. My Dad stopped using protection anytime we met after I got married. When I asked him he said I was no longer a kid.

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Once, my dad came to our house and our children were in school. My husband nearly caught us in the act but we were lucky. My husband came back home after he had left for work in the morning. He came to pick a file he left at home in the morning.

Sadly, the s*xual relationship with my Dad has produced three children. But things began to fall apart last December when I attended a program at a friend’s church. After listening to the preacher’s message, I felt guilty and wish to repent of my dirty past.

Right now I don’t know what to do. Should I open up to my husband and what will be his reaction when he discovers that none of the children belongs to him? I am 43-year-old now and I am confused, please help me.


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