Polygamous And Marriage Breakup, Reasons, Advice And How To Maintain Your Relationship.


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Resonator for the topic above:- To put it clear that polygamy and marriage breakup has effect in today society.
Appeal: I humbly ask for your understanding and support in all ramifications.
Forgive me on the above topic, pardon me for any wrong spelling(s), as well as my choice of wards, as I disuse the topic above.
Introduction: Marriage as an institution promoted by culture, faith (religions) and even personal ideologies. Marriage promotes growth in procreation. The system of marriage of old (centuries back), is not the same today, polygamous marriage changes to marriage breakup. Quote me anywhere;- marriage of today is no more enjoyable, but endurable.
Bassey Nton Nton (Nton-square) or Moti-Nton).

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman with an or proposed intention of staying together for life. Marriage is backup in one way other by faiths, religion, cultures and tradition and even government, of different communities round the world. Why procreation becomes the outcome, a child becomes the receiving end point of the negative or positive situations of the family, many times unknown to parents.
Over the years, many educational authorities have developed interest to understand the reasons for the downward trend in educational achievement of and proper up bragging of children, polygamous and marriage breakup becomes the reasons, also factors affecting children’s education include, psychological conditions in the family, availability of equal opportunities, social climate and low level of proper care that exist in families they come from.

Many years ago, polygamy where practice, a man marries many wives as possible, the man would be having many children. Wives stays in unity in one house or compound, with their children, in love and unity, while the man controls the family(wives and children), giving recognition and respect, love, care and protection to all wives and children equally.
Today, polygamous marriage is not practice any more, marriage breakup, is the other of the day. Today a man passes through several women as possible, having children but just one out of the several women and the children, the man can give account of, because love, care protection is fully directed to the one of the privilege wives and her children. Also educational training will be focused to the children of the privilege woman, who is in the house. Mothers (wives) and Children always not care for are the once that are not under the man care. Family which is the first instrument of socialization, influence children and enhance or hinder children from good life characters achievement. Depending on the social climate of a family variance psycho-social, children becomes less emotional fortify, for children who are members of modern polygamy or marriage breakup, the high or low positive performance of children is referenced to the structure of the polygamy or marriage breakup there are hail from.
The children that experience polygamy or marriage breakup, do not achieve educational, and proper up bringing / training and are victims of cultism, drug abuse etc, this children become problem to the society and even the government, because no loves care protection and proper up bringing and training from father(s) which is important but is lacking. Sometimes a father for example who have 18 to 19 children from about 8 wives as thet case may be, can not give a good account of 15 children that will be acceptable. These children grow up without fatherly love or educational sponsorship.

Some children deny their Fathers, with reasons that their “father did not take care of them or deny their mother”. This children stay in their mothers family area. Sometimes the Man try to make other children to accept anything the privilege wife will say, which cause a big problem in the polygamy family. Women and men who practices marriage breakup are on Christian Faith with higher percentage, Muslim have low percentage on marriage breakup.

Reasons for marriage breakup cut across anger, desires and attachment, after a period of time of the marriage breakup, the man blames the woman, the woman blemes the man, if anybody interview them.

It is my (THE THRONE MOTIVATIONAL FOUNDATION TTMF) humble begging, I want us to start correcting this big mistake of marriage breakup now. By maintaining one wife, or wife to maintain one husband. Fathers should endeavor to unite children, for the future is at hand. Youths and young father(s) / mother(s) should try to avoid anger desires and attachment that will lead to Marriage or relationship breakup.

QUOTE me anywhere.
There is no perfect marriage out there. Try to fix your matrimonial challenges up.

Yours brothers and friends.
Bassey, Nton Nton
(Moti-Nton or Nton-square).
The Throne Motivational
Foundation (TTMF) Speaker / Writer.

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