Don’t Say “Lead Us Not Into Temptation”, Instead Say This… Pope Francis Changed “The Lords Prayers”

The head of the Vatican City and Catholic Church, Pope Francis has changed the wording of the Lord’s Prayer.

The Pope, who said, “Do not let us into temptation,” than saying “Lead us not into temptation,” believes that the wordings were not a good translation.

He said the wording speaks of a God induced temptation.

“I am the one who falls into temptation, and it is not God pushing me into the temptation to see how I have fallen,” Pope told Italian TV.

“A father does not lead his child into evil; a father will help you get off temptations. It is the devil who leads us into temptation because it is his department.” He added

Since Pope Francis took over the affairs of the Catholic Church, some theologians, Bishops, and cardinals have asked him to resign.

Do you think the Pope is right in his statement?

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