Popular Nollywood Film Maker, Eric Stephenson Condemns Allegation Level Against Apostle Suleman Johnson


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Popular Nollywood Film Maker, Eric Stephenson Condemns Allegation Level Against Apostle Suleman Johnson


By Kingsley Agbor, Abuja, Nigeria

According to him, the accusation was the total handiwork of the devil to bring down the image of the man of God and to also serves as a distraction to the forthcoming church 17th Anniversary which is few days away. He also describes the accuser as irresponsible, betrayer and paid agent. He described the man of God as a man of character who in his dream can not imagine such act.

According to his speech, “All my years around the servant of God, if there’s anything I’ve not noticed is the act of immorality around him. Apostle Johnson Suleman is a man that accommodate everybody, he respects family and family values. Apostle is a man that would always tell you marriage should come first. It’s very disheartening and unfortunate to know that Mike Davids whom Apostle Johnson Suleman neutered, gave a voice, gave his pulpit, gave a platform, gave a name could come back to fight the finger that fed him all for reasons best known to him and his agents / sponsors.

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Shamelessly coming online to say he felt that the servant of God has something with his wife just to discredit the man of God. When it is obvious that, you left a woman stranded and you thought that was the end of her life, so when she bounced back, got back her life again, you got pissed off and you came up and started casting aspersions and making derogatory remarks meanwhile you, Mark Davids, your antecident has been an unhealthy, quite despicable one over the years. Every branch you were posted to, there has been an issue of immorality around you which Apostle Suleman will always call you to order in an uncountable times, infact when it got so untolerable you were suspended because of your obnoxious act towards ladies. How could you have forgotten that so soon. Come to think of it, the Lady in question, Mike David’s wife lived with Apostle Johnson Suleman, grew up under his roof for ten years, and you “Mike Davids” affirmed in one of your videos that you married her a virgin. So the girl was under Apostle Suleman for ten years living with him and married you a virgin, he didn’t touch her, it was after you now got married to her that he will now deem it fit to touch your wife. Haba, David, why didn’t you refuse the offer from whoever is sponsoring/bankrolling you? One thing you should understand is that believers are not as gullable as we use to be. Gone are the days when you slander a man of God and then people will come online and start endorsing it and subscribing to your lies, these days believers are now paying attention to details. So please I’m begging the general public to know that God’s servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman is innocent of this allegation and has had no canal knowledge of pst Mrs Faith Which is the wife of the man in question that has been ranting to attract public attention. He clearly stated in his video recently that he needs support to travel abroad, so if that is the reason why he did the video because he needed financial support or he wanted to shake table to see if he could earn sympathy from viewers and make money off them, this is not a good deal for him, this is a spilled milk. So I just felt I could throw my weight on this and bring clarity to this matter, for the sake of believers who are sitting on the fence, the Bible says many are at the valley of decision, for those weak believers who such a thing could trample their faith to tell them no, such a story is never true about God’s servant Apostle Johnson Suleman” he said. It could be recall that the clergyman, Apostle Dr. Suleman Johnson has since denied the allegations levels against him by his former son in the Lord, Mike Davids.

Thank you and disregard the accusation please.
God bless us all.


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