Power Drunk Akpabio Disgraced Out Of APC NEC Meeting In Abuja


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The Hon. Minister of Niger Delta Ministry, Senator God’swill Akpabio suffered a public humiliation today when he was sent out of the APC National Executive Council (NEC) meeting held at the National Secretariat, Abuja.Just like the Russian Emperor Czar Nicholas 11 and the French expansionist Napoleon Bonaparte who at various times of their revolutionary and glutomaniac lust for power met their waterloo, Senator God’swill Akpabio got his fair share baptism of his overzealous quest for undue subjugative tendencies when he was thoroughly disgraced and walked out of the APC NEC meeting in Abuja.

The event leading to Akpabio’s disgraceful experience was his usual penchant disregards for constitutional provisions and his overzealous display of arrogance and acts of insubordination to constituted authorities which has always been a hallmark of his entire private and political life. It all started when Akpabio gate-crashed and sauntered into the venue of the APC NEC meeting uninvited and sat on the front row reserved for Governors and NEC members. Upon noticing Akpabio’s presence, the National Chairman Comrade Adams Oshiomhole politely asked him to vacate the seat as he was not a NEC member.

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However, Akpabio in his usual arrogant and egoistic disposition, rebuffed the civil approach explaining that he was a two term Governor which confers on him the privilege to seat where he sat. This shows Akpabio’s disrespect for laws, regulations and the party constitution itself because, a close look at the APC constitution should have enlightened Akpabio that he wasn’t a member of NEC to have permitted him to attend the NEC meeting in the first place. Obviously infuriated by Akpabio’s relunctance to vacate the seat, the National Chairman then asked him to look around at the attendees and point at any former Governor present at the meeting, to which he could not find any. Thereafter, the National Chairman immediately ordered security officials to throw him out of the seat and subsequently disgraced out of the NEC meeting.

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Like most dictators in Africa such as Idi- Amin, Muammar Gadaffi, Mobutu Sese Seko, Kamuzu Banda, Hosni Mubarak, Akpabio has failed to learn from their disgraceful exit from power rather, he has continued to display political rascality and gangsterism because of his glutomaniac hunger for power which has infused arrogance into his DNA.

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The disgrace of today, will however remain indelible in Akpabio’s political and socio history as he shamefully walked out of the APC NEC meeting like a man with large scrotum in-between his both legs.


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