Power Supply Must Be Fully Restored For Obudu Ranch To Function Adequately – Egba


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The Cross River State Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Hon Peter Akam Egba has cleared the air on why the most visited tourists hub in Nigeria, ‘the Obudu Mountain Resort’ is yet to resume it’s full function.

The Commissioner who informed weetalknaija Blog via phone called this evening, said the governor, Senator Ben Ayade is working tirelessly to ensure that Cross River State is return to its normal state of tourism.

Continuing, Egba said he is responding to the write-up earlier made by Richie Romanus from the ranch resort, where he brought a team of investors to invest on wind energy using the turbines.

He said With Prof. Ayade, there is light at the end of the tunnel that will galvanize and propel the ranch to an El Dorado.

“Until there is full power supply in the ranch, irrespective of the Investors you decide to bring in, the services will still remain the same”.

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“Yesterday I was at the ranch, the generator consumed 3000 liters for just four hours, so you can see that to run the cost of the ranch, you need adequate power supply, the atmospheric temperature there is always cold, some of the tourists and guests will always want to bath heated water because of the weather condition, so when you are unable to provide these facilities, you will see that guests will start running away”, Egba added.

“If to run a common hotel, you need constant power supply, let alone a National Tourist Center like Obudu Mountain Resort, Ayade is a promise keeper, in other to prove to us all that the cattle ranch maintain it’s normal place in Africa, he has been able to rehabilitate all the road network that leads to the ranch, this alone should remind us that the governor has not abandoned the ranch”.

“Ben Ayade thinks well about the Obudu ranch resort, the major challenge bedeviling the ranch resort is power ( Electricity)”.

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“Remember, there’s no national grid connected to the ranch, now, for the ranch to work and generate revenue, create employment and add to the state’s Gross Domestic Products, GDP, power infrastructure must work”.

“How would this work? Because of the difficult and complex terrain, it would cost a fortune taking transmission lines from the national grid to the place”.

“The most effective remedy in the short and long runs, is to deploy wind energy using turbines to generate power that will serve the ranch and its environs”

“The Present and even the former arrangement of using diesel powered generators to light up the ranch has never been in the best interest of the state or any investor”.

“For example, the major generator at the ranch as at now is a 1,000 KVA, it uses 100 litres of diesel per hour at a cost of N280 per litre , multiply the figure by 24 hours per day”.

“I’m sure the figure will be scary, you might also ask why a 1,000 KVA? Any generator ,less this size, cannot power the water heaters and the warmers, when the ranch is operating at full capacity and it’s the full capacity that will bring the figures in terms of revenue to the facility”.

If we think that the ranch got degraded with this administration, ask yourself why the likes of Protea, a South African firm left the ranch, no investor will leave any business he/she is making money”.

“It goes to show that they weren’t making profits, talkless of breaking even. I am responding to this write-up from the ranch resort, where I brought a team of investors to invest on wind energy using the turbines. With Prof. Ayade, there is light at the end of the tunnel that will galvanize and propel the ranch to an El Dorado”.


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