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US Elections: Before You Celebrate Joe Biden’s Victory, Get These Facts First

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Come with me let’s do these together:

President Trump now has 69,588,011 votes from the popular votes at the moment & still counting! Meanwhile Barrack Obama had the record before this election of 69,498,516 votes..

Now We’re supposed to believe Joe Biden has received 73,415,622 votes? Right! I want to see them try and verify those votes! Good luck with that!

Secondly this are popular Votes figures from George Bush era to Donald Trump which also includes Hilary Clinton who didn’t win then back in 2016..

The MOST Votes in History!!! NO Way!!
Joe Biden Votes just don’t make sense!!! 73 Million Votes & still counting!!

2004 Bush 62,028,285
2008 Obama 69,498,516
2012 Obama 65,446,032
2016 Trump 62,979,636
2016 Clinton 65,844,610

Although the popular Votes are not been used to win the presidency in America but it’s the Electoral college which has a total of 538 votes! But the threshold to win is 270 votes!

Now Joe Biden sits at 253 at the moment since 2days ago with Donald Trump at 214 votes! The bone of contention is that some States which saw Trump ahead is being tampered with at the moment as rigging to cancel his lead had commenced which has made him frown at the process of the delay of announcing the results 2 days ago before poll workers decided to go for break only to come back with tranche of sacks of ballots which belonged to Joe Biden!!

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Now in the Quest to rig for Joe Biden at all cost many loopholes have been open to trace their frauds which has given Trump’s lawyers many evidences to present to Court!

In Nevada Alone over 10,000 votes belonging to Joe Biden has been traced to people living in other States & not in Nevada who had voted in their new respective states!

Michigan State had been given to Joe Biden which saw Trump lead before they went to the cemetery to get votes from the dead!! It was a ridiculous numbers of dead voters who ressurrected like Lazarus to come & vote through mail in ballots..

Noth Carolina results had been ready before Florida & Ohio results came in but they refused to declare it for best reasons known to them! We are hearing that it would be out November 12th!

Arizona was given to Joe Biden by Fox news even when counting was still going on but later retracted back but they refused to adjust Biden’s Electoral votes to 253! Instead they put it at 264 despite Trump leading it at the moment as we hear!

Georgia had already being counted to 99% until when a pipe suddenly Burst & drenched the ballot papers! It has saw Trump leading with a large advantage which they Are trying to trim size at the moment!

Pennsylvania which saw Trump lead with 700k votes against Biden is another big problem as they are trying to manipulate! We learnt that after they went on break a total votes of 1.4 million are still left to be counted! When they came back from their break some ballots counted which is about 23,456 votes were all for Joe Biden not one for Donald Trump! Lawyers for Trump already secured a court Injunction to allow them into the counting Hall to monitor what they are doing which was refused by the state secretary of Pennsylvania who could care less about court Injunction!!

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Wisconsin had been given to Joe Biden which also saw a Trump lead with big margin & it has made the people of that state asked in Amazement how can a state with the largest lovers of Second Amendment in the United States vote Joe Biden who said several times that he’s going to collect all guns! The answers are not far fetched! Rigging is also involved as Dead people came back to vote via mail in ballots!

Now Trump supporters are now contributing money in millions to help with the litigations in Court! And they have also called out those Rhinos called Republicans senators without balls to move their ass & join in the struggle as they will be dealt with by their votes come 2022 once the house is up for Re-election
Which has made those bunch of Idiots now shouting on top their lungs says “Count All Legal Votes” Illegality would not stand!

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Folks the movie is far from Over! Many poll workers & Elections riggers are going to Jail just like the US postal staff caught yesterday at the border via Canada with ballots vote papers inside his car!! We know whom those ballots votes belonged to just like the ones a farmer found on his farm in Michigan!

Let me stop here to observe more from their Elections which has been hanging since 3 days now without a winner! Even the Indian Elections that has a population of 1.3 billion people announced their results 24 hours after the election! So why are those few Democrats state delaying their results from coming out! Perhaps they are still looking for more votes from Ikoyi Cementary to add as Tally…

Relax! They will all have their day in Court! Patriots hold the line! Not over yet!

© Iya Chelsea

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