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Watch Out! WhatsApp Status May Be An Helpful Way To Prevent Suicide

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So long a time, suicide had been a misconceived solution to any questions some of us were unable to get their answers. Most times, we often want to see the reality of life from a different perception that we hope someone who is not spoken to about the perception will just provide an explanation to the perception.

As a result of no one coming around to hear us, we conclude we are not part of the entities that make up the world and the only solution is to put an end to these lives.

Sometimes, it might be some challenges that are giving us a lot of psychological stress and we seek to find solution up and down but the solution seems not to come but the only solution we could think is putting an end to the life that is bothered with the challenges.

Why do we end a life that does not end challenges but only add to the challenges of others?

A recent story of a part one student of the University of Osun in Ikire Campus, Osun State, dwelt on pre-conceived suicide. Juba Babatunde Phillips was found dead some hours after he posted some related suicide messages on his WhatsApp status.

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His friend who checked on him in his room said he took some poinonous substances that reacted immediatly in his body system which eventually caused his death.

However, WhatsApp has become another viable means of communicating to people before these suicidal end their lives.

The death of this UNIOSUN student has given us a cheat of what is going to be a thread very soon. Let us all watch out, once we see our friends posting negative messages on their WhatsApp statuses, let us be alerted and rescue immediately we see them.

Moreover, the reasons they post these messages are just because they need to speak to someone, therefore, let us prevent the suicide before it happens by helping and attending to their calls immediately.

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