Housewife Runs Mad After Sleeping With A Pastor In Ogun


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Housewife Runs Mad After Sleeping With A Pastor In Ogun


There was pandemonium at the CDA Road, Oluwalogbon Estate, Osi Ota, Ogun State, on Saturday morning as a nursing mother ran amok after allegedly sleeping with a pastor of a pentecostal church.

The pastor was alleged to have attempted to use the woman for rituals.

Residents besieged the pastor’s house an d attempted to lynch him, but were prevented by a naval patrol team from the Navy Music School nearby who rescued him.

The pastor was later handed over to the Onikpanu police station by the naval personnel from where he was transferred to Sango Otta police station.

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A resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of being attacked by church members who are loyal to the pastor said: “We are still shocked with what we have witnessed since Friday morning.

Pastor Oyebode just parked to our area three months ago. He lives in Alhaja Salami Yinusi’s house. We saw him as a pastor but had no inklings that he is evil.

“The victim, Iya Ramon, a nursing mother, left home to buy some food for breakfast when she was confronted by Prophet Oyebode who told her that he had some prophecies for her. Actually we saw her entering his house but as he is pastor, no one suspected that he is evil. Secondly, he stays with his wife.

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“Few minutes after Iya Ramon entered the pastor’s flat, his wife left the house.

“After about 40 minutes, Iya Ramon rushed out of the house looking ruffled, but we thought that she had been having a prayer session. We were shocked at night when Iya Ramon’s husband raised the alarm that his wife was behaving strangely and after much persuasion, Iya Ramon told him how she was confronted by Pastor Oyebode with some prophecies. She told him further how she was hypnotised by Pastor Oyebode, who compelled her to have sex with him. She also told him that while making love to her, some strange things entered into her and she did not know herself again.

Her husband managed the situation throughout the night, praying that she might get well, but the situation became more critical this morning; so the community took the victim to Pastor Oyebode and started pleading with him to undo whatever he did to the woman, but he insisted that he did not do anything to her. The youths got angry and wanted to beat him up, but we did not want them to take the laws into their hands. So, we made a distress call to the naval patrol team that has been assisting us with the issue of security. The Navy responded to our call and rescued Pastor Oyebode whom they handed over to the police.

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“At the police station, Oyebode agreed that he made love to her as they were lovers. As I am talking to you, the victim is still unconscious, but we doubt the pastor’s claim that they were lovers.

“He just parked to our area newly, and the victim is not a promiscuous type. She is very humble and hardworking.

“There is more to this than meets the eyes. We are suspecting that he was attempting to use the woman for rituals. We are praying hard for the victim to regain her consciousness. We have not slept since yesterday. I don’t know why the devil used Pastor Oyebode to bring pains and sorrow into the lovely family.”

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A police officer at Onikpanu police station who spoke on the condition of anonymity as he was not supposed to speak to the press said the suspect was brought to the station by naval personnel.

“The victim is still unconscious. Something strange really happened to her. Her husband explained that nothing was wrong when she left the house to buy some food items for breakfast. He told us that his wife told him how Oyebode claimed that he had some prophecies for her family and told her to come to his house for some prayers. He said his wife did not suspect foul play as the pastor lives with his wife. The man is suspecting that the pastor and wife planned the game together as she quickly left the house when the victim came in. We don’t believe in magic, but we are suspecting rituals.

“We are investigating to unravel the truth about the matter. The suspect is with the police. Anyway, we have transferred the matter to Sango police station.”



Housewife Runs Mad After Sleeping With A Pastor In Ogun


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