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What They Won’t Tell You About Senator Gershom Bassey

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What They Won’t Tell You About Senator Gershom Bassey

Archibong Edet, Calabar

I do not intend to but I might have to turn round the walls of Jericho before the walls fall down flat on itself. I will simply hit the nail on it’s head. If you want to know the conceptions and misconceptions of the person of Sen. Gershom Bassey then this article is for you.

Recently, I came across a post that tried to downplay the person of Sen. Gershom Bassey (hereinafter referred to as SGB).

As an educated, responsible citizen who is a constituent of the Southern Senatorial District of Cross River State. I decided to do an extensive research on the activities of SGB in the National Assembly. It is worthy of note that the research is unbiased, it was also time and resource consuming.

After my research, I came up with the following conclusions. They are to wit:

1. That SGB is calm, gentle and a silent achiever

2. That some social media agents are either ignorant of the achievements of SBG or are sponsored by their paymasters to sabotage the efforts of SGB which they have failed woefully.

3. That some persons have defined effective representation to mean sharing of money and food items to constituents.

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I’ll state here clearly that SGB is a silent achiever and an honest man. He will not appoint hundreds of media aides to drum and praise sing him. He will also not involve or engage himself in giving audio palliatives which do not have significant effects on his constituents.

My above conclusion is not premised on presumptions or assumptions. Let me bring the following to our notice. These are some of the things some elements will not want to tell you.

*1.* They won’t tell you that SGB donated half of his salary to the fight against COVID19 and also to be used to provide palliatives for the people.

*2.* They won’t tell you that SGB has recommended about 200 names for job placement and that over 50 out of the 200 have already been given employment in federal parastatals.

*3.* They won’t tell you about the Kwa Falls multipurpose dam.

*4.* They won’t tell you about the scholarships he has awarded to students.

Let’s forget about greed or selfishness and focus on the achievements of SGB.

*5.* They won’t tell you that SGB has attracted NCDMB Oil and Gas Park to Odukpani which will go a long way in giving thousands of Cross Riverians jobs.

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*6.* They won’t tell you that SGB is training persons in Sub-Sea diving.

*7.* They won’t tell you that SGB made a case on the floor of the Senate for Calabar to be recognized and accorded a special status alongside Lagos State.

During my research, I was so mesmerized about my findings. It is shocking to me that people will close their eyes or allow themselves to be blindfolded to these great achievements. I continue.

*8.* They won’t tell you that SGB was very instrumental to the peaceful settlement of the warring communities in Odukpani. No wonder he was rightly recognized with the _Global Peace Award._

*9.* They won’t tell you that in the Senate, SGB is the Senator in Cross River State with the most number of sponsored and co-sponsored Bills.

*10.* They won’t tell you that YNaija rated SGB as the 10th best Senator for 2017 Legislative year due to his effective representation.

*11.* They won’t tell you about the Akpabuyo polytechnic and Institute of forestry research, Akamkpa he was pushing in the Senate.

There are many more achievements of which I have omitted to mention in order not to bore you and to avoid being garrulous. I believe vehemently that this article should settle the scores and those who were ignorant, I hope I have been able to bring you to the light.

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SGB will not appoint a thousand media aides to make noise for him. He will not share money to greedy and self centred persons.

SGB allows his works speak for him and he believes actions speaks louder than words. SGB believes in sustainable development and empowerment of the citizens so they can provide for themselves and not depend on some politicians who only give stipends so the citizens keep depending on them.

*Sen. Gershom Bassey is doing exactly what we sent him to the Senate to do. Effective representation.

_SGB is a 21st century leader, he is the kind of leader we need in the Government House come 2023._

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