Senator Gershom Bassey’s Political Method, A Philosophical Approach

Senator Gershom Bassey strides as a colossus on our political space as this is not unconnected with his consistent meeting up with his deliverables where ever he finds himself. His politics of forgiveness, inclusion, reconciliation after he is betrayed or stab keeps baffling a lot of political analyst and players. One is not unmindful or ignorant of the fact that the ENDSARS PROTEST being hijacked by the hoodlums and terrorist had left a lot of soar and bitter taste on his memories as his house and that of his father was not spared . The Senator received this with Philosophical calmness and has soon move on, he has forgiven his adversaries and esponces on John Locke’s applications of Conflict Theory in Finance. That holds that.

In terms of financial resources, governments seek to manage conflict by reallocating resources between the rich and the poor. Governments have several mechanisms for influencing the distribution of resources including progressive taxes, minimum wages, incentives, special programs, social assistance, and regulations. And that the performance gap of the executive and poor economic approach triggered the protests albeit the looting as the youths had been largely hopeless and unemployed by the government.

The theory is that if the wealth gap becomes too wide, social unrest will ensue. If the government doesn’t help reduce the degree of inequality, conflict will run out of control and protests or even civil wars will break out. Hence, within the past few weeks having seen the lapses has dovetailed into the executive function embarked and facilitated a lot of palliatives, cash alert and trainings to bring succour to the teeming youths that have been left behind.

As a legislator he has grown grey hairs on ways and means of bringing the youth to the mainstream of economic empowerment and prosperity. The Senator believes that nonviolence is not a sterile passivity but a powerful moral which makes for social transformation. He abhors revenge,retaliation, suppression a Methodist law that has been his guiding principles.

Bailouts, Government, and Politics
proponent of conflict theory was propound by John Locke which held an argument that the wealth gap had grown too wide and competition over resources had grown so great that some type of redistribution and crisis management was required.

one may (supposedly) only appropriate property through one’s own labor. In contemporary times it has always being the survival of the fittest. That is why the Senator is taking time to attend to his constituency members and beyond at a geometric progression as time is not his friend.



Senator Gershom Bassey’s Political Method, A Philosophical Approach

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