Sex-for-marks: Stop molesting female students in tertiary institutions — Kris tells lecturers


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Nigerian lecturers today see themselves as demi gods, they so feel that they own and hold the destiny of every student they’re lecturing, they harass, insult, intimidate, sexually abuse, fail, down grade, and bully students unnecessarily.

If they like/admire any girl they go all out to molest and sexually harass/abuse such a student with a threat of failing such student or making sure such a student don’t graduate or repeat the course for as long as he desires.

They see themselves as gods, untouchable and bosses. They expect the student to worship them, do their biddings, keep to their terms and even beg them to have sex with them or forget about passing their courses.

It’s so bad that they’ll even ask the student to go pay for the hotel with their money where they will come sleep with them just to pass their course(s). They’ve frustrated so many female students and a lot who has refused to oblige to this are still unable to pass such courses talk more of graduating even till date.

They’re some who’ll even pay (sort) for the course to enable them pass yet the said lecturer will still collect the money and will in turn fail them because he wants to sleep with them. Some will outrightly pass the course in good grades but our today’s “demi gods” will deliberately fail them with a condition that they must sleep with them first before they can pass them.

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Its been like this for so many years, in all universities across the country, in polytechnics and even in our colleges of education. For fear of remaining in school, for fear of not being able to graduate, for fear of having a carry over, for fear of not having good grades, for fear of being frustrated by the said lecturers, so many of them will give in and in most cases the useless lecturers will still fail them and give them a condition that they must sleep with them 5 more times or better put “Five Rounds” before they can pass them and most often, when that is done they’ll reluctantly pass them with the least grade which we call “let my people go”. What humiliation and undue taking of advantage.

Our female students in all ramifications of life deserves protection from this “dogs” in the name of lecturers. What baffles me most is the fear they instill in this students, they make them feel they’re untouchable and no one can change the fact that they must get what they want or nothing will change. They all have lost hope, they can’t even report to their HODs who in some cases are part of the fun if I may put it so, they can’t even access their Deans talk more of their Vice Chancellors, Provost or even Rectors and in most cases if they do, they won’t be taken seriously nor even get a fair hearing. This is bad, this is absolutely bad and very disheartening, it’s painful and shouldn’t be so. A lot of people have fallen victim to this illicit act and I think it’s time we minimize this that’s if we can’t eradicate or abolish it completely.

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You and I can put an end to this, you and I can protect our female students in the higher institutions, we can abolish this act in our colleges, polytechnics and universities, we can put an end to this molestation and unnecessary taking advantage of female students. Even before the State Government steps into this we can at least start from somewhere. I offer myself to start the end process of this ugly menace. The force can be more stronger and the task can be easily/conveniently achieved if you decide to join me. I call on all like minds to please join me in saving the dignity of our female students in our higher institutions starting from Unical, Crutech, Health Tech, COE, FCE OBUDU, etc.


When the students gets to know that they have reliable hands to deal with this I bet you they’ll trust us and will gladly expose such fools in the name of lecturers to the appropriate quarters.

I’m soliciting for the support and help of all the Elites in this platform and beyond to please support this fight please, it could be your sister, it could be your cousin, your niece, your neighbor, your loved ones or even your wife. This ugly situation has to stop please. If they have their way they wouldn’t give in. It’s happening everyday and every time. We can do something, we can save a female student today, we can sanitize our higher institutions and eradicate this situation once and for all. Rape comes in so many ways, it’s so painful, disgusting and very disheartening. *YOU CAN BE PART OF THIS GREAT CHANGE!!!*



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